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2005-01-22 23:20:16
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Disk 3693:

    This is a Compilation Disk.

    This Disk contains the following:-

        - Bencon Pack Menu/Anarchy
        - Femur Bundle Pack Menu/Axis
        - Wild East Pack Menu/Beta Team
        - Have Sun Fun Pack Menu #1/Blaze
        - Extra Value Pack Menu/Digital
        - Front Pack Pack Menu/Exalis
        - Motorbreath Pack Menu/Eremation
        - Pointu Pack Menu #6/Hemoriods
        - Bouncing Bytes Pack Menu/Interactive
        - Addiction Pack Menu/LSD
        - Fuck The Glenz Pack Menu/Mad Elks
        - Poison Pack Menu/Maniacs
        - Pack Menu/Obsession
        - Digial Revenge Pack Menu/Scope