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                              The Scene Archives

                                  Volume #4 

    Have you always been after a CD which has:-
            - 100% demos, and no crappy mods/pics, except for party releases
            - Totally Error Free (I have tried to maintain a 100% error free
                                  ratio, but you know, gremlins can reign
                                  terror on files.. :-) )
            - Is in an Organised Way..
    Well, if you have, then I welcome ye to "The Scene Archives - Volume #4".

    I admit, the aim of this project is to provide the common user with access
to all the scene material that is available..  Yes, I have found some of these
items  on  various  other CD's (not mentioning names), but the other disks are
usually  very  badly organised, and some of the files are errored..  But, note
that this total package contains aover 6000 disks of my own collection, which
many have NEVER been on CD before.

    The  ordering  of this CD is the disk numbering system that I use at home.
Gotta sort them somehow!!

    This  is the Fourth Volume of The Scene Archives.  I proudly present to you
a collection of 1000 or so Disks of Scene Material, from Disks #3001 to #3999.

    I  intended  this  CD  to be usable by a Disk Manager (ie, Directory Opus,
File Master, etc..)

    Ok, now the credits:-

        All disks collected by:- Tony Hasselbacher (The Heavyweight/Broken)
        CD design and Made by:-  Tony Hasselbacher (The Heavyweight/Broken)

    Some  people might be confused as with the terminology that I have used in
compiling  the  disks.   Here  is  a  preview  overview as to what I'm talking

        Animation - This is an animation (??)
        Demo Packs - These are a collection of various items, which is on one
                     disk, with a spiffy menu.  Some people really hate these
                     demo packs, but I think that they are very important as
                     they sometimes have nice small productions on it.
        Dentro/Demo - I count this as a production which is in one file and
                      this also contains BBS Intros.  
        Digis:- This is just digitized samples
        Document Disks - As it says..  Respect the Copyright laws when you use
        Intro - These are usually small, one part productions.
        Magazine - A digital magazine (wow!)
        Menus - These are just menus that are used for demo packs
        Miscellaneous - Things that don't fit elsewhere
        Music Demos - Productions with music as the main feature
        Slideshows - Productions with graphics as the main feature
        Trackmo - This is a really large demo that has usally a lot of really
                  cool effects.. These are the best :-) 

    The  reason  I  used  .DMS files is that I want to preserve the feeling of
disk swapping!!!  If it takes you too long to extract to a disk, just then use
FF0:   instead.  All Disks are compressed with the DMS System.  Some disks are
also  compressed  with  the  Zoom  system  (.ZOM).   You'll find the necassary
utilities in the "Utilities" Directory.

    Also, with this volume, and every other following volumes, I have made a 
few disks CD friendly.  I have put all the disks which you needed to extract 
and then either join/copy onto the harddrive, well.. I have put these on the
CD into seperate directories, and ready to either run, or just extract.. 

    Finally,  I  like  to greet ALL the people I have ever known, as they have
enriched my life in the Scene (The Amiga and the C64!).