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Welcome to Synergy by Sector 7

 This is our contribution to the SILIconvention party held in
Bremen/Germany from 28.03-31.03.1997. It was meant to be an
entry to the Amiga-Democompetition, but after Arsenic left us,
we were all alone in the "competition" (1st place...).

-----> What you need: <---------------------------------------------------

 AGA-Amiga with 6 MB Fastram (sorry, but there will be NO 4 MB version!)

 It has been made on an Amiga 1200/68030-50 MHz/12 MB Fast where it
already runs at (almost) maximum possible speed.

-----> How to run from hard-disk: <---------------------------------------

 Have all files in one directory and start SYNERGY.EXE either from
Shell or from Workbench. There is no need to "cd" to this directory,
just keep the files together ("PROGDIR:", if you know what i mean).

---> Note about DATABURST: <----------------------------------------------

 The databurst has to be disabled (at least on 68030-50 MHz) !
SYNERGY.BAT does this for you and then starts Synergy.exe.

 My System has the databurst disabled permanently. SetPatch 40.16 seems
to do this automatically on startup. I`m not totally sure, but i think
i`ve read that databurst HAS to be disabled on 68030 based systems?!?

 Anyway! Disabling the datacache does not affect the performance of
the demonstration at all, but removes ugly optical errors while
bumpmapping. So leave the databurst off and all will just work fine.

---> How to install on floppy-disks (for swapping): <---------------------

 Take 3 disks, format them e.g. with FastFileSystem and name the first
"Synergy1", the second "Synergy2" and the third "Synergy3".

 Copy Synergy.d3 and all TouchMe-files to the third disk, Synergy.d2
to the second and ALL other files (INCLUDING THIS TEXT AND SYNERGY.BAT)
to the first one.

 Install "Synergy1" (Open a Shell-window, insert "Synergy1" in
drive df0: and type "install df0:") and you are able to run it straight
from disk.

---> How to reach us: <---------------------------------------------------

  .CDK [Music,Swap]                   .JCS [Gfx]

  Jochen Oppermann                    Jan-Christoph Sievers
  Danzigerstr.12                      Wilhelm Buschstr.3
  D-31553 Sachsenhagen                D-31553 Sachsenhagen
  Germany                             Germany
  phone:+49-(0)5725-6512              phone:+49-(0)5725-1000

  .Kane [Sysop,Swap]                  .Marc [Music,Swap]

  Mattias Andersson                   Marcus Kaluschke
  Stugsundsv.8                        Ostpreussenstr.30
  82650 Söderhamn                     D-31553 Sachsenhagen
  Sweden                              Germany
  phone:+46-(0)270-13916              phone:+49-(0)5725-270

  .NoName [Code]

  Leif Oppermann
  31556 Wölpinghausen

---> The end: <-----------------------------------------------------------
Hope you like it at least half as much as we do...

 Yours Leif 'NoName' Oppermann (10.04.97)

PS: I (NoName) would like to get in contact with foreign people.
    I am especially interested in overseas (What`s up down under?).
    You don`t need to be interested in computers at all, but you
    could of course, it`s just for learning to know each other.
    YOU are welcome!

PPS: There is a little bonus for you: "TouchMe" by JCS.
     This picture won the first price at SILIconvention, although
     it only ranked second. Fiver2 just left the party before the
     prices were given; sometimes life is a bitch (Playstation
     makes fun anyway) ...