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Booter - a 2K tool entry

A little program to ensure that file types are registered with their apps on startup

1. Run SetDir
2. Run Booter
3. Wait as Booter recursively searches your hard disk for apps, making a note of all sprite files and set/setmacro commands in the !Boot files. It will then merge all the set/setmacro commands together into one obey file, and merges all the file type sprites into one sprite file.

You can then stick the produce app !Booter in your startup sequence, and all your filetypes should be registered with their programs!

Known problems:
1. No apps inside !Boot will be searched (But these should be booted anyway), done by design due to a few dodgy !Boot files
2. <Obey$Dir>'s will not always be replaced if they have strange mixes of caps and lower case
3. An app called !Booter itself won't be searched, to stop any recursive problems that might occur
4. It can take quite a while to run, even on a StrongArm (Unless of course you have a small hard disk)
5. The source isn't documented in order to fit it into the 2k limit!
6. It won't search through image files/archives (Sometimes a good thing though)
7. It only searches !Sprites22 and !Sprites for sprites, since they are the most commonly used files

If you reach the application limit (default 2000), change the variable 'map' to a higher number

By Jeffrey Lee