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              The Event Of The Year
     Digital Technology(Digitech) and Amiga Lords
            Summer Conference 6-9 7/1989 
           Kortedala/Gothenburg Sweden 

   1st    Defjam & TSL      Demo  
   2nd    TSD               Hypnosis  
   3rd    Digitech          Demo
   4th    Rebels            Megademo
   5th    Alive             Linedraw  Intro
   6th    Digitech          Solid 3d flight
   7th    K.O.R.T.         
   8th    Vortex 42         Revolutin
   9th    Fairlight         Disco
  10th    Deathstar       
  11th    Public Enemies  
  12th    Crusaders        Space
  13th    Digitech        
  14th    Crusaders       
  15th    Crusaders       
  16th    Scoopex         
  17th    Dual Crew       
  18th    Crusaders        Waterdemo
  19th    Deadzone        
  20th    Deadline        
  21th    Dual Crew       
  22nd    Crusaders      
  23rd    Acme Factories 
  24th    Phenomena       Who Cares
  25th    Legend          1st Demo
  26th    Atomic Int.     Party Time
  27th    Supply Team     
  28th    Digitech        
  29th    Digitech        
  30th    Powerdrive      Sun  Demo/powergirls/Snakewoman
  31th    Rigor Mortis    
  32nd    Atomic Int.     Party Demo 2
  33rd    Undertakers     Benerlyzer
  34th    Sargon            
  35th    Rigor Mortis