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handle          group             job                     country

2ge             react             swap                    slovakia
greatrix        ???               tool code,music         slovakia
sam             cult              graphic,code            slovakia
mc valach       react             code,leader             slovakia
creamd          studio style      music,gfx,code          slovakia
kazso           therapy,ies       code, gfx               hungary
mr.zool         ies               lead,code,swap,crack    hungary
parrot          therapy,replay    graphic,swap,code       hungary
gonoc           different         graphic,swap            hungary
lion            chromance         code,fix,internet       hungary
qui             leader            code,lead,swap          hungary
copass          leader            gfx,code,swap           hungary
oswald          coma              code                    hungary
vic             coma              code,graphic            hungary
dreadnought     ebola             swap                    hungary
cubehead        chromance,oxp     ?,fuss                  hungary
satyr           leader            code                    hungary
edhellon        resource          code,irc                hungary
soci            singular          code                    hungary
victory         kgst-comecon      code                    hungary
kamikaze        kgst-comecon      gfx,swap                hungary
tyrant          therapy,resource  gfx,swap,covers,irc     hungary
poison          singular          gfx,swap,covers,irc     hungary
grachov         singular          mag-editor              hungary
amn             anarchy!,ies      graphic                 hungary
loc             anarchy           code,gfx                hungary
six             ???               code,gfx                hungary
con             leader,xymox      muzax                   hungary
flash           leader            gfx                     hungary
bigfoot         breeze            coder                   hungary
blues           breeze            gfx                     hungary
bbt             breeze            coder                   hungary
janee           breeze            coder                   hungary
trias           breeze            graphic                 hungary
kat'dam         breeze            swapper                 hungary
axel            breeze            hw,coder                hungary
uri             breeze            coder                   hungary
roger           ebola             swapper                 hungary
joco            yoga studios      coder                   hungary
hori            different         coder                   hungary
jay             graffiti          code,musix              hungary

The list was created by CreaMD/Studio Style and other Slovakians...