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Simple Counter CGI for homepages v2.0        (C) 1997-99 A'rpi/ESP-team

Increases a counter and logs counter, host, browser and filename to 
a logfile. Uses lock-file to avoid process overlaps.

Edit configuration (path, filenames) in file "szamol.c",
and after it just execute "./"

You have at least 3 ways to run this program:

1. Include-CGI (httpd server must support it and must be enabled)
Insert this line to your HTML file what you want to count/log:
  <!--#exec cmd="/home/arpi/szamol.cgi" -->
It works well with Netscape Fasttrack for IRIX.
For Apache you have to use this and rename your .html file to .shtml:
  <!--#exec cgi="/home/arpi/szamol.cgi"-->
See help of your httpd server for the configuration and command.
Note: of course replace these sample PATHs with yours...

2. Calling from a CGI script:
-------------- main.cgi -------------------------
echo Content-type: text/html
cat /home/user/public-html/main.html
And you have to specify "main.cgi" in links instead of "main.html"!

3. Calling this CGI directly:
You can specify it as a new frame, so the browser must load/execute it.
I have not tested this method, maybe the browser will report "Document
do not contain data".