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	Well, I got into the Tracking world 6 years ago(1995)... I knew a friend who had an Amiga, I visited him and I tested the Pro-tracker. I thought I could be able to do some music like that, but unfortunately I hadn't got an Amiga ;( A few months later I bought a new computer, 386dx I think, and I tryed the whacker tracker and the scream tracker... both were awesome!
Soon I began to track, it was exciting(I could create my OWN songs!!!)... I was 24 hours each day listening to MoDs... from many different artists. One year later I bought a new computer... a pentium 133 with a sb16, and I tested the first version of Impulse tracker, it was amazing... then I kept tracking and improving myself. Later I installed Impulse tracker 2 and I hooked up to the internet... and... here I am ! :)


	Bien, me metí en el mundo del tracking hace unos 6 años(1995).... Conocí a un amigo que tenia un Amiga, fui a visitarle y probé el Pro-tracker. Pensé que yo podía ser capaz de crear música, pero, desafortunadamente, no tenia un Amiga ;( Unos meses después me compré un 386dx y probé el whacker tracker y el scream tracker.... ambos eran impresionanter para mi!
Pronto empecé a trackear, era una cosa extraordinaria(podia crear mis propias canciones!!!)... Estaba las 24 horas del dia escuchando MoDs.... Un año después me compré un nuevo ordenador, un pentium 133 con una sb16, y probé la primera versión del Impulse Tracker, era impresionante.... Luego continué trackeando y mejorando mi nivel y técnica. Más tarde instalé el Impulse tracker 2 y me conecté a internet!.... y .... aquí estoy ! :)

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