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 ***  Scanner 8 from Dirk Gently  ***
 An English-Finnish diskmag on coding
 and Computer Science. A must if  you
 are  a  coder  or  interested in CS-
 related   stuff.  Only  one  book is
 Finnish so don't be afraid of it  :)

 The mag  runs  under  ANY  operating
 system  - it's a multi-platform mag.
 It  does  NOT contain  any browsers,
 but it describes (readme.nfo) how to
 install them. The  articles  are  in 
 HTML format, ANY  browser  will  do.
 Most of these browsers can be  found
 on not only the InterNet,  but  also

 The subjects:
 Artificial Intelligence (600
 Parallel architectures  (350
 The joy of X Window     (350
 A  book  on coding the PC (Finnish!)
 How   to  write  intros  &  viruses?
  Intromaker Toolkit 1.1&2.0 from TSI
 How to crack HyperLock 386? The best
  article  ever  written on HLock 386
 Need  an  incredibly cheap streamer?
  An  article  on ArVid, the Ultimate
  Videostreamer card
 Writing   Windows   Virtual   Device
  Drivers                (500
 How   to   build   your  OWN  16-bit
 Comparing  the  speed   and   memory
  requirements of Windows 3.1, Win95,
  Win NT and OS/2 Warp
 Az   article   on  the Action Replay
 How to write on-the-fly DECRUNCHERS?
  W/ code!
 Fun  section:  some  Finnish   (e.g.
  Windows-related) comics in English.

 100% original, no Usenet / FTP shit!
 100% (C) stuff! Only  quality  books
   and articles!     [1/5]