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       	   	W E L C O M E     T O      A M N E S I A     # 1


	+----- ----       --
		Amnesia is a brand new diskmag produced by Paranoid.
		This is the first issue and as such there may be a
		few bugs with the code. The mag only runs on Win'9x
		and NT. Just double click on the SETUP icon!

		If there are any problems with getting the mag to
		run please e-mail me and let me know the problem,
		so I can fix it for you in the next issue!

		Hope you enjoy the mag, and if you want it to work
		properly then dont mess around with any of the
		files, or change their directories.

		Spread this everywhere and enjoy it! 		[Paranoid]
							--      ----  -----+

	==============================[ Important Info! ]============================

Oh yeah - the mag is a native-windows program. So you windows settings may affect the display and performance of it... 

	640*480 screen mode is supported (looks good).

	800*600 and higher screen modes will also work, with a windowed interface.
		I dont think it'll look too hot on a resolution greater than 800*600.
		(Chronic Myopia will set in above 800*600! :))

	Small Fonts - You should have these enabled - as the mag is editted for this.
	Large Fonts - Dont use 'em - but they should work, but there'll probably be lotsa errors!

Amnesia doesn't require you to have the right screen settings to work - but it wont work properly, or look the way it should, under any other conditions. Didn't enforce this, because I would need for you to have DirectX and not everyone does (for some reason). Next issue will be more flexible.