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       ------- - ---- --------------------- ----------- yyyyyyy**qypy**py
       qyo*--*ypqyo*---*ayo*---*aq***---*aqyyo*---*aqyo*---*aqP"^"TP    *
       '   **a$bP   ,g, .   ,g,      ,g,   T   ,g,   '  ,g        j$b   T
        T@%p,  `    $$$SD   !$P      $$$       !$P      $$$$$$,   T$P   :
       .  T$P   ,   T$P     auuqy    $$$    .  auuqy    T$P$$$$$@%uuu   .
       ----------------- ------------  -------------- -------------- cx -

                         scenery'98 prelim infofile
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  what is scenery?                              ::::

          Big party  lotsa  fruit.  Scenery and all that,  once again we
        happy people from Sydney want to share with you a night of demos
        beer and good music.  Not to mention computers, internet and all
        that. =)

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  when is scenery?                              ::::

        Scenery has been postponed in the interest of attracting more
        interstate visitors and for a generally more organised party.

        stay tuned to this web page or scene-l for latest information.

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  where is scenery?                             ::::

          The venue  of scenery will  be somewhere  in the Sydney  area,
        although not yet confirmed it will be close  to public transport
        have parking  available and  all the  facilities you need!  Keep
        cheking for updates on this, which should be released soon.

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  the facts ma'am                               ::::

          The organisation crew  is just warming up, we have planned for
        your entertainment so far, a nice 1000+watts of bass  (and other
        sounds which might come out), 2 hi quality Big Screen Projectors
        to display obscene jestures with, or maybe demos and such.

          We have  invited  our brothers  from the  Amiga world  so once
        again we will be able to all *play* together.

          The cost will be cheap,  we aint here  for your money,  expect
        about $15 or so per ticket. But that depends on our costs. :(

          We will have for you a  party network permanently connected to
        the net,  so bring your pc so you can talk to your favourite IRC
        people from across the room!

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  party computers.                              ::::

          For the  competitions and  other  entertainment  purposes, the
        following computers will be assigned party status;

        PC Machine;

           233MMX Intel,
           64MB Ram,
           4MB ET6000 video card,
           3Dfx VooDoo card,
           GUSPnP 8MB (Interwave),
           Sound Blaster AWE64 ('value' :]).

           MS Windows95 (OSR2.5), DOS 7.*, Himen, Emm386, etc.

        Amiga Machine;

           Amiga 1200, 030 40Mhz,
           4MB Fast RAM.
           (this  is taken from  the scn97 party,  and will be likely to

          The machines  are subject  to change,  but we will  make every
        effort to keep to those specifications.

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  party competitions.                           ::::

          For all you budding sceners out  there we will have the all of
        the following  competitions happening at  the party, some may of 
        course be  changed in some way for some reason,  such as lack of

        Consider this the competition *rules* so read it all carefully!

        PC Specific Compos:
         - PC demo compo,
         4MB max size, 10 minutes max length, must support GUS at least,
         and SB support is desired. Video modes upto 800x600x32bit, must
         be VESA 2.0  or  VGA standard  and no  hardware  3D Accelerated

         - 4k Code compo,
         4096 Bytes Max size, no music or graphics.  This is a pure code
         competition. No 3d acceleration, do you think you could fit it?

        Amiga Specific compos;
         - Amiga demo / intro compo,
         Will be held if interest is shown, but Amiga people may want to
         consider the Wild compo, and show what you can really do! :)

        Combined compos;
         - Wild Demo compo, **
         8MB max size,  10 minutes max length,  can run on  any platform
         if you  provide it.  Should be  designed  for one of  the compo
         machines,  you  set  your  own  rules  for OS,  hardware,  etc.
         Animations with synched music ARE allowed. As are 3Dfx demos!

         - Multichannel Music compo,
         32 chans max,  2MB max size, 5 minutes max.  Supported formats; 
         IT, XM, S3M, etc. Will be played on compo machine through GUS.

         - 4ch Music compo,
         720k max size,  4 chans max,  5 minutes max.  Supported format;
         MOD. Will be played on compo machine through GUS.  Amiga tracks
         will be copied to pc for sound quality eveness.

         - Handdrawn gfx compo,
         Max resolution 640x480x256 colours.  Must be handdrawn, include
         at least  two partially  complete  copies for  'authentication'

         - Raytrace compo,
         Max resolution 800x600x32bit colour.

          ** Wild Demo compo is designed specifically for 3d accelerated
        demos, but also since  it is a amiga/pc party,  amiga people can
        enter with whatever they can produce to non-standard demo rules,
        ie, Animations  with synched  music, etc.  :)  Also if  you  can 
        provide any other special hardware you can use it!

          The wild compo is for all  you creative people who cant handle
        restrictions, thats whats its all about,  be creative, be funny,
        thats why its 'wild' because its not just a big 3dfx 3d show. :)

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  general rules.                                ::::

          For the competitions,  all entries must be  handed in at times
        which will be  posted at the party,  the competitions will start
        at about 6pm on the night.  Entries may be handed in on  (for PC
        entries), 1.44MB floppy disks, IoMega Zip Disks, CDs, IDE HDD :)
        Amiga entries, 720k floppy disks only.

          All entries must have  .txt files  included with  all the info
        about its creators,  and have an appropriate  label on the disk.
        Disks  will  only be  returned on  request,  if it is  correctly

          Each entry can only compete in one competition and must follow
        the rules of that competition,  the organisers reserve the right
        to not allow any entry for any reason.  Only one entry per group 
        / person is permitted in each competition.

          The screen resolutions of entries should be kept to reasonable
        levels,  as the  higher you go  the lower the  projector quality 
        displays. 640x480 is the ideal level, while color depths of upto
        32bit will be supported,  the visual differece between 32bit and 
        say 16bit  will be not  noticible,  which should  be taken  into
        account for size and such reasons.

          When working on your entry take into account the compo machine
        and the competition conditions, such as the projector, and sound
        system,  which will be in favour of hi and low range frequencies
        as with most hi-powered sound systems.

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  other technicalities.                         ::::

        External Entries:

          The organisers  of Scnery98 take no  responsibility at all for
        external entries to  competitions,  but we will allow  them, but
        only solicited entries.  ie, someone who is  attending the party
        can enter a  competition on your behalf if you  can't make it to 
        the party.

          The rules for this are that the person you nominate, takes all
        responsibility for  your entry,  and they are  will recieve  the
        prize (if any)  on your behalf.  All external entries must be so
        noted and  the person on your  behalf must be  mentioned  in the
        accompaning text files.

          Also any person  soliciting an external  entry must follow the
        competition rules,  in particular  only one  entry per  person /
        group for each competition! So one person cannot enter more than
        one external entry for one competition.

        Party Network details:

          At the party we will have setup  a server connected to the net
        throughout the duration of the party (baring unexpected problems
        and such), the server will be running WindowsNT 4, with NetBEUI,
        IPX/SPX and TCP/IP network protocols setup.

          If you bring  your pc and want  to connect to the network, and
        inparticular the internet, access will be through a proxy server
        with all information provided at the party. So bring your pc for
        fun. ;)

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  disclaimer.                                   ::::

          The organiserser  take no responsibility  for illegal software
        spread or used at the party, nor do we condon it.

          Anybody who causes damage to party equipment / facilities will
        be made to pay for it. This you agree to by attending.

          We will  not allow for  anyone without our  permission to sell
        food, drinks, disks, etc at the party.

       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::::::::::................... \ Oo /
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$                                                ::::
       """""""""""""  credits.                                      ::::

        Scenery'98 will be brought to you by these fine people;

                Random / Xtatic  -  Cyntax / Optix

                Storm / Cydonia  -  Legend / Xtatic

        To contact us for any questions comments etc,


          General Questions, venue, dates, transport, spelling errors;
                Random - <a href=""><font color="#AAAAAA" size=-2></font></a>

          Party setup, projectors sound system, computer enquiries;
                Cyntax - <a href=""><font color="#AAAAAA" size=-2></font></a>

          Competition questions, rules, MSDOS edit.. err web page feedback, etc;
                Legend - <a href=""><font color="#AAAAAA" size=-2></font></a>

          Amiga specific questions;
                Storm - <a href=""><font color="#AAAAAA" size=-2></font></a>

        Or other means of contact:

          random - 3139963
          cyntax - 2756852

          Staesis - (02)9683-2403 & (02)9683-3442 (sysop: Cyntax)

        And for the latest updates check out the scenery homepage;

  <- you're here! ;)

          Otherwise from  all us involved  in organising  the party,  we 
        hope to see you all there, and keep watching for more updates as 
        they are available.

          Make sure to contact us for any questions / comments you have,
        as value your input. :)

        v0.8.8.1ß. Last Updated: 22nd Febuary 1998.