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Success  The Ruling Company

General X'98 Information

After X'95, 
X'96 and 
X'97 Takeover SCS*TRC
has decided to go back to the roots and organize a true C64 ONLY
party. Hence PCs Amigas or any other type of computer is strictly
forbidden on X'98.

The party will be totally different then most of the sceners still around 
are used to. X'98 will be THE place to sit down and have a beer with your 
fellow sceners. The whole thing is not based on competions (allthough we 
will hold them) and sitting behind a screen during the party, it's based 
on pure oldschool fun and relaxation. So, if you can't handle that, then 
don't show up, we won't miss you ;)

I'm sure YOU want to have a good time, and so do we. Just do the right 
thing and come to the only real C-64 event this year.

X'98 will take  place from the 18th till the 20th of September 1998 in
Hengelo/The Netherlands. Doors open at 19:00 on friday and close at 12:00
on sunday.

As X'98 will be a non-commercial event (we have room for 132 visitors)
the entrance fee will be higher then normal: fl.100,- (+/- $50 US,
only dutch currency accepted).

You may think that X'98 is quite expensive, but it's not. You'll get a lot in
return for that fee. We will provide some of the beer, softdrinks, coffee,
food, bed and shower for free.

The partyplace will be fairly small compared to the places we had on X'95,
X'96 and X'97, but we feel it'll be sufficient (judging on the c64 attendants
on our previous parties), still it's vital that you make your
reservations now, as space is limited.

We also advice you to pay in advance as that is the only way you'll be
100% on being able to enter the partyplace.

X'98 will not have the electricity resources we used to have on previous
parties, so you will need to tell us exactly what hardware you plan on
taking with you (bringing your own stereos, amplifiers, loudspeakers,
strictly forbidden). Hence, "X'98 - batteries not included" does apply.

Things you need to bring:
Sleeping Bag (if you plan on sleeping;).
Proper Party Attitude.
Gifts for the Organizers.

Please read The Party Rules aswell.