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                                CRUX PRESENTS:

                   BSE 1998 - Belgian Scene Event 1998

          - Recognised by Amiga Inc. as an official Amiga party -



   This is only a pre-invitation text - all information included herein is
      subject to change. More detailled information will follow in the
   invitation intro we will release at Symposium&Mekka 1998 or in the final
     invitation archive which will be released in the beginning of June.



1) Introduction

You might have already heard about the Belgian Scene Event last year.
If you did, you might also recall that the BSE 1997 was the first
Amiga-only party in Belgium since 1992! And guess what folks, this year
we're back with the BSE 1998 - Amiga only ofcourse!

After the successful experiment last year (to see whether it is possible
to organize an Amiga-event in god-forgotten Belgium) we have decided that
Amiga IS capable of attracting enough people and giving them a good time!
(For more information on BSE 1997, see the BSE 1997 chapter).

So that's why we are inviting all Amiga-lovers out there to come and join
us at the BSE 1998 party, the cooooooooowlest Amiga-party in Belgium!


2) Where

This year we have decided to organize the party in a very easy to reach
location! (We admit that it was a bit difficult to find it last year ;).
The BSE 1998 will be held in Diepenbeek, near Hasselt. It is a small town
very close to all the surrounding countries of Belgium. Diepenbeek is
situated at about 40 kilometers of the Netherlands, 60km of Germany and
about 80 kilometers of France.

The partyplace will be the 'Ontmoetingscentrum Lutselus', which is directly
next to the two major highways from Belgium. Maybe an idiot like Bill Gates
would have some troubles finding it, so we are confident that you Amiga people
will find it very easily!

The exact driving details and how-to-get-there texts will be released lateron.
The party-hall is situated next to the E313 and E314 roads in Belgium (coming
directly from Germany and The Netherlands).


3) When

After the rather unfortunate date of last year, we decided to move the BSE
1998 a bit earlier. BSE 1998 will be held the 7th, 8th and 9th of August 1998.

Partydoors will open Friday 12:00 noon and will close Sunday at noon too. This
means 48 hours of non-stop Amiga action, competitions, and entertainment!

Entrance fee is currently set at 500 BEF (25 DM/ 25 HFL / 16 USD / 85 FFR).


4) Facilities

* The partyplace can accommodate over 300 people, has powerful PA equipment. We
  will also have a high-quality videobeamer (and it won't blow up ;) that will
  provide the online party-news, competitions, and entertainment for 48 hours.

* 150 Amps (the equivalent of 50000 Watt) of high-quality & secure power.

* Loads of people seemed to enjoy last year's bar, so we are going to have a
  fully equiped bar again this year where you will be able to buy Real Belgian
  Beers and real Belgian food! This all will be at very cheap prices, you will
  get 3 consumptions for 100 BEF (= about 5 DM / 5 HFL / 3 USD / 17 FFR).
  Ofcourse we will also sell a wide variety of sandwiches, snacks.

  This proves once more that we are not interested in the money! Everything that
  rests after the expenses are paid of will go directly to the competitions!

* There are dozens of places you can eat nearby, there are sandwichbars (a la
  MacDonalds), backeries, grocery stores nearby so you won't have any problems
  getting those hot meals!

* There is a quiet sleeping area reserved where you can do those bits of
  sleeping everyone needs now and then ;).

Things we won't have:

* A party-network: Who needs a network anyhow ? PC-gamers playing
  Quake II ultra-mmx-accelerated versions ? Young kids trading pornography ?
  We Amigians don't need any of that. If we want to trade we do it the real
  way: swapping disks, harddisks and parnet! Ofcourse you are free to setup
  a network of your own!

* Nasty PC users consuming all the bloody power!


5) Reservations

You can make your reservations by either sending an email to:


Just include your NAME/HANDLE/EMAIL and the number of seats you want
to reserve.

Ofcourse you can also reserve your seats online at the BSE 1998 homepage:    or

Or if you don't have the internet, try:

PO Box 25
3000 Leuven 3

We will not accept payments in advance. If you reserve your seats you
will get them. The best seats will go first ofcourse.

We strongly ask you to reserve your seats in advance so we have a good
estimate of the people that will attend the BSE 1998. That way we can
make sure there are enough seats for everyone and that everyone has a
decent view!


6) Competitions

We will surely be organizing the following competitions:

Amiga Demo competition: Maximum filesize is 6 Megabytes (uncompressed).
                        No new files may be created on the harddisk.

Amiga 40kb competition: Maximum filesize is 40960 bytes.

Amiga 4ch music compo : Maximum 5 minutes will be played.

Amiga graphics compo  : Only pixelized graphics in either IFF/GIF/PNG formats.
                        Maximum size is the beloved 640x512x8 PAL mode ;)
                        Note: All images will be converted back to IFF with
                              ADPro so we can easier view them on the Amiga!

We are also thinking about doing a Wild competition (if you want to compete
with one, then please let us know), and ofcourse loads of fun compo's
(including fast-intro, playstation, ...) but we are not going to reveal more
now :)

We're aiming at:

Amiga Demo competition:
1) 5000 Fr.
2) 2000 Fr.
3) 1000 Fr.

Amiga 40Kb competition:
1) 2000 Fr.
2) 1000 Fr.
3)  500 Fr.

Amiga 4ch competition:
1) 1000 Fr.
2)  800 Fr.
3)  500 Fr.

Amiga graphics competition:
1) 1000 Fr.
2)  800 Fr.
3)  500 Fr.

We are also negociating with several sponsors for additional hardware-prizes,
and even whole computer systems (last year there was a complete A1200HD Magic


7) Party Rules

* You are on Belgian soil, so the Belgian laws apply inside & outside the
  party-hall. Some fragments of the Belgian Law:
  - Thou shall not copy illegal software.
  - Thou shall not smoke weed.
  - Thou shall not fraud with the public telephone system.

* The party-organizers have the right to refuse anybody at anytime for any
  reason to connect their whole, or a piece of their equipment.

* Intoxicated (read: drunk, stoned) people and troublemakers will be thrown out.

* If you damage something, you will pay for it yourself. No money ? No problem,
  we'll call your parents.


8) The BSE 1997

As we already mentioned, last year's BSE was some sort of an experiment, to
verify if enough people were interested in visiting Belgium. We were pleasantly
suprised by the number of visitors: 32 visitors in total! Considering that it
was the first edition, that was not that bad at all! (The average start of a
party is 20 visitors, so we had about 60% more :).

As for the organising last year: we actually organised the whole thing with
a telephonebook & some friends in 3 hours and it turned out rather good :).
This year we are spending 8 months to organize, so it can only get way better!

Ofcourse some mistakes were made last year, and we also learned from them!
Therefor the BSE 1998 will be completely different with:
 - more staff ('coz we really lacked that last year)
 - better equiped bar with more drinks/snacks
 - more entertainment (how about a 4hour videocassette of all those classic
   demos ?)
 - more fun competitions
 - and especially ... more Amiga people to talk to!


9) Contact us!

If you have any questions, remarks, suggestions, then feel free to contact us:


General information:             -

Crisp / CRX  :  -  Main organizer / PR Manager / Technical
Franky / CPU :    -  Main organizer / Party co-ordinator



Crisp  : +32-11-333229   (after 18:00u weekdays, 24h weekends)
Franky : +32-16-235962   (after 18:00u)


POBox 25
3000 Leuven 3


So if you don't want the Amiga 40kb intro competition to be announced
on a bloody 233Mhz Pentium PisswCee running a buggy PC Scala, if you don't
want organizers asking how they have to start an Amiga program, then be sure
to visit the BSE 1998! :)


                                                        Crisp, Franky


   7, 8 and 9 AUGUST 1998
         AMIGA ONLY
  Recognised by Amiga Inc.
 as an official Amiga Party!