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nbsp;Where  When;

This year we have decided to use a bigger hall than we had last year. bushparty 5.0 will
be held in a sports centre called Porsgrunnshallen, which is more than twice the size of the previous
party locations. Also this hall is much closer to Porsgrunn city, and that again means more shops,
disco's -- whatever. The party starts 25th of June and we'll keep the show going 'til the 28th.

How to get there;

Here you have two options... Either by train or car.. If your a train-kinda-guy you'll take the
train to Porsgrunn station and walk (or grab a taxi) about 500 meters to the party place. If your
going by car just drive to Porsgrunn and ask someone where Porsgrunnshallen is.. 

If you don't know where Porsgrunn is you can use this excellent route planner:

Departure : 



There will be competitions as always. Most likely; Demo, 64kb, Music, Graphics, Fastintro etc.


         Internet (Multimedia thingy.. IRC and stuff..)
         Megazone (Not confirmed yet)
         Rollerblade/Skateboard hall (Great workout)
         Cinema room (Fresh movies)
         24H Kiosk (cheap as always)
         Rectum Cauda (Releasing shit as always :)
         Sponsors (New this year :)

Buying tickets;

The price this year is set to 300,- NOK. If you purchase tickets in advance the price is 250,- NOK.
To reserve tables you have to buy tikets BEFORE the party.

The online ticket ordering system will be up very soon!

The party-place only holds about 600 people so if you want to get a good place, then
you should reserve tables by buying tickets in advance -- and save some bucks as well.


For now you can contact us by sending a e-mail to

..the end..

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