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           The Gathering 1998                 Information file revision 1.01

There is a new world out there, consisting of whizzing electrons and glowing,
electrifying photons that whirl in a dazzling, almost hypnotic dance of the
mind. The world extends through cables in all sort of colours painted from
the rainbow, speeding thru switches at speed of light, sometimes being only
light. The people and beings inhabiting this realm is the young and unafraid.
Young at heart or age, where their desire to go beyond what has been done
before is the proof of their courage. They will be caretakers and rulers of
the electronic world we're entering where information is the highest currency
and knowledge is both the key and the lock. Every once in a while these people
and the ones that aspire to be like to them or allured by the performances
they make, come together in the physical realm. One of these places of haven
for the ones that live the future is computer festivals (demo parties), being
the largest playground to meet, play with and even discss serious matters at
hand with your fellow travellers on the path to future of bits and bytes.
Here exists no skin colour, no nationalities, no political or religious bias,
the way you live, say and think is the way others judge you, not only by the
knowledge you possess, but what knowledge you seek and how you seek to gain
it. At the top of these festivals ranks the Nordic party which caters for all
ways of electronic and cyber indulgence.

               Welcome to The Gathering!!!!!!!!!!

Another year, another party. Every year, it may seem like routine to the
rest of you, but it really isn't. It's more or less another full time
job for the quite a few of us. Anyhow, to settle for last years level
would make it to easy, so we add extra features every year.

The Gathering 1998 - Global spirit!

Start:  Wednesday 8. April 08:00
        Sunday   12. April 18:00       : End

Entrance-fee: Boys 300,-  NOK (approx. $40 US)
              Girls 150,- NOK (approx. $20 US)

Check our web-page: for all the latest updates.

Chat with us on irc: #tg98 on EFnet

Mail us:   

Vital stats

- More than 100 hours of partypleasure
- Many compos - classic and new
- Entertainment from the stage, ravers and funbands. This year we go
  for party, none of those moron bands who tried to make you get hearing
  aids after TG.
- Internet and network? Being the best and staying the best.
  More bandwith in and out, more content and evens online than ever
  before will make TG98 into a truly international event.
- A very hard working crew being there for YOU.
- A videoroom of class. The only reason it's not one the best cinemas in
  Norway is that we provide LD and DVD only!
- Food and beverage will improve even more this year. Give us input on
  what you would like.
- The sound will still not be great all over the hall, but sound
  transmission will be available thru the net as well for personal sonics.
- The bigscreen will be REALLY, REALLY big. 16x12 meters makes it 192
  square meters. Since no one else had one in the Nordic countries, we
  had it SPECIALLY made for TG.
- New and cool events, party compos and entertainment will keep you up
  for a few extra hours every day.
- Some scene meets/symposiums. Get input from other wellknow sceners and
  discuss whatever.

Transmission details

- The olympic hall of Hamar, Norway. More famously known as the Vikingship.
  Built for the 1994 Winter Olympics, with over 12000 square meters of
  rumbling space. With all these sport-activities fading away, we can use
  it for something more important (to us at least).
- TG96 - about 2500 attendees.
  TG97 - about 3300 attendees.
  TG98 - a set limit of 4000 people. Get your tickets soon to
  be sure to get a spot.


- We open at 08:00, Wednesday the 8th of April, and kick everybody out
  the door by 18:00, Sunday the 12th of April. To make one thing clear,
  everybody NEEDING an entry before is considered slaves until we open.
  Ask the 2 guys peeling 50 kilos of potato last year if they WANT to be
  early next year (even though the probably will be it anyhow!) :-D


- For European residents, full price. 300,- NOK (About USD40).
- For outside of Europe, still free entrance. (All 3 of them last year).
- Aliens are still free, but have to guest star in the X-files episode
  to be filmed at TG98. (gotcha).

- Due to the abnormous amount of girls coming to TG97 (about 350), we do
  have to do something really unpopular this year. Girls DO have to pay
  to get in, but they only have to pay half price.
  There are several reasons for this, but none of them have with us
  making a large amount of money of it.
  a) Everybody being there as an attendee, have to pay to get in, due to
     technical reasons.
  b) The hall is using a lot of resources on the girls as well, and with
     an estimated growth in the girls amassing to more than 500, we
     would could either raise the price for the boys by about 50 NOK to
     cater for all the girls entering free (or close to free, see point
  c) Some of the attending girls complained about feeling lesser worth
    because all girls would get in free, and they would like to pay full
    price. (Some of the girls even paid in full just to mark their

 All things being what they are, we decided to have an entry fee
 covering the extra cost of the girls coming, but still having them pay
 half price would be supportive for them, to make it easier for guys to
 talk the girls (or other girls talking to their friends) to come see.
 If we get MORE than a 1000 girls, we probably would have to take full
 price for them as well due to the same reasons as above the next year.

 To make it worthwhile for the girls to come out, we've made a provision
 to give them some extra goodies for paying for their entry this year.

- Purchase tickets within Norway by calling "Billett-Service" at 81533133.
  This is the very best way to ensure you get a ticket, and the ticket
  is your key to being able to reserve a seat.

  People outside Norway should contact us for special arrangements to order
  a ticket before you arrive, and we have set aside enough tickets to
  provide for all foreign attendees.

- Tickets can also be purchased directly at the door without any previous
  registration. You don't even have to tell us or mom that you're attending
  TG98 before you get there. However, preregistration at our web site will
  save you and us a lot of time at the entrance. All info can be entered
  thru our website before the party or at the party.
  Entrance will this year be lightening quick. Entrance security is
  separated from registration security this year. You will be able to

- You may register your entranceinfo and reserve tablespace through our
  web. Please check back regularly at the web for updated information.

- is the spot to get all the updated info.
  Loads of buses set up for TG98 is also listed here. We have our own
  bus which will provide transport from Oslo at set intervals.
  Many others have already bus tours set up.
  The party starts with the tour!

How to get there.

- From Oslo, take E6 northbound (main road, you can not miss it).
  Right before you drive into "Hamar", you will see a sign pointing towards
  the ship. By this time you should be able to see it pretty easily.

- From Trondheim, pretty much the same idea, except you'll see the signs
  exiting "Hamar".

- From anyware else, get to Hamar, or hit into E6 and follow it!

- Take the train from either Oslo or Trondheim (or connect thru theere)
  and exit at "Hamar railwaystation". Take the bus or taxi from the station
  to the ship, it's less than 800 meters away.

- Other means of transport, send us a mail, we like to be flexible.

Party network

- TG96 set a new world standard for party networking. With the help from
  Accton and Lanco, TG97 provided more than 3000 connections (topping the
  1500+ connections from 1997), this year, we will have 4500 connections
  and to set the standards high, both TP and Coax cabling will be
  available. A gigabit backbone will rock!

- If you don't have a network card,
  high quality network adapters will be
  sold at bargain prices.

- Information on how to get onto the
  network in a proper, fast and cool
  way will be provided for you by the
  experienced network crew.

- Of course a highspeed internetlink will be available for all of you.
  This year, in and outlinks will exceed ANYTHING you experienced
  before, but follow the instructions from our crews to maximize
  performance for you and others.

Special happenings

- Yet to be decided, we will have some rather cool people entertaining
  us from the scene, quite a few scene artists will release new
  productions at TG98.

- We will have surprise compos, surprise guests and cool symposiums to
  keep the party going.

Amiga Demo
PC Amiga
Anim (Wild) Demo
Totally Wild Compo
C64 Demo
PC 4K intro
Amiga 4K intro
Amiga/PC 64K intro (see compo rules for special note)
Amiga/PC fast intro
3DFX Compo
4 channel Music
Multichannel Music
Fast Music
Graphics - pixeled
Graphics - raytrace
Text-mode demo
Useless utility
Java game/demo/applet
For a complete set of updated rules for each competition, check the
web-page. For a preliminary set of rules, check end of this text file.


We will take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended TG97 and gave
us the necessary inspiration to endure the masochistic work of arranging a
party of this caliber again.

Very special thanks to:

- First of all, the wonderful people of HOA, which made us feel at home.

- The local fire departement for helping us in every possible way.

- The patient crew from ABB, which made a true AUPS (almostuninterruptable
  power supply) for all sceners present.

- All the sponsors of TG97.

- All voluntary crew members who did the impossible, day after day for
  nothing else than that magical experience.

- And at last to all of you sceners out there, who makes all the difference
  in the world to us. C U at TG98!

How to get in touch with us
If you need any kind of help, or if you do have any questions on how, what,
when, where, try to get in touch with any of these individuals.

- Main Administrator:
  Vegard Skjefstad - (+47) 90 11 99 66

- Registration Administrator:
  Trond Michelsen

- Network administrator:
  Andreas Lund     - (+47) 90 07 71 62

- Any general questions and comments
  can be mailed to

Or..... by the eversopresent snailmail:

   The Gathering '98
   Stasjonsveien 56
   N-2010 Stroemmen

           The people on the top

Shady / Crusaders               Dictator

Mike / Crusaders                Registration

The Joker / Crusaders           Coder

Dollar Bill / Crusaders         GFX / DTP

Freaky Angel / Crusaders        TG-Vision

Gunders / Crusaders             TG-Vision

IQ / Cryptoburners              Internet

Big-Papa / Crusaders            Internet

Andy Floyd / ATC                Network

Ferryman / ATC                  Network

Meco                            IRC

Jammer / ATC                    Power

Don Valentino / Crusaders       Security

Dr.Outtasight / Crusaders       Stagemanager

Kinky / Crusaders Girls         Crew care

Wobba / Crusaders               Compo

Kinky / Crusaders Girls         PR

Nightshade / Crusaders          Speaker

Moms / Crusaders Girls          Video-room


The following rules apply to all PC Compo's:
* Must work on a Pentium running at 90Mhz
* Must work with 610Kb conventional memory
* DOS v7.0+
* Loopable only by choice (-loop parameter)
* Pressing the ESC-key at any thime should exit the production
* The system must be returned to it's previous state upon exit (i.e. no
  temp-files, stuff not removed from memory aso.)
* A production may only participate in one compo
* VESA support will be provided with Science Display Doctor, current version.

PC Demo:
In addition to the common PC rules, these rules apply to the PC Demo Compo:
* Max 32Mb RAM
* Max unarchived size 6Mb
* VESA v2.0 complient and/or general VGA registers
* Soundblaster and Gravis Ultrasound, and/or no-sound
* The demos will be shown for a maximum of 15 minutes

PC 64Kb:
In addition to the common PC rules, these rules apply to the PC 64K Compo:
* Max 32Mb RAM
* Max unarchived size 64Kb (65536 bytes)
* VESA v2.0 complient and/or general VGA registers
* Soundblaster and Gravis Ultrasound, and/or no-sound

PC 4Kb:
In addition to the common PC rules, these rules apply to the PC 4K Compo:
* Max 32Mb RAM
* Max unarchived size 4Kb (4096 bytes)
* VESA v2.0 complient and/or general VGA registers

PC Textmode:
In addition to the common PC rules, these rules apply to the PC Textmode
* Max 32Mb RAM
* Max unarchived size 4Mb
* Max 80x50 text mode resolution
* Max 16 colors, neither palette nor fontset modification allowed
* All 256 standard characters are allowed (state language code, ie. 437,850)
* Blink attribute can be modified to allow 16 background colors
* Soundblaster and Gravis Ultrasound, and/or no-sound

Amiga Demo
* Max unarchived size 10Mb
* Must work on 68030 and above
* Can utilize FPU, but must then support 68881/68882/68040/68060
* Must work after SetPatch is installed
* The demo can not reboot the machine when done, but do a 'clean exit'
* Demo will be shown maximum 15 minutes
* HD installable/runnable
* Loopable only by choice (-loop parameter)
* Exit any time with a mouseclick

Amiga 64Kb
* Same as for Amiga Demo, but with max unarchived size 64Kb (65536 bytes)

Amiga 4Kb
* Same as for Amiga Demo, but with max unarchived size 4Kb (4096 bytes)

* We provide descriptions of a fictional company/organization.
* Some text and pictures will be provided as a basis for the website.
  New text and pictures are allowed and highly recommended.
* Points will be awarded for the following:
  - Graphic design
  - Functional design and implematation
  - Compatibility with browsers. Microsoft IE and Netscape is highly
    recommended to a precheck. Very peculiar browsers will not be
    utilized for the compatibility check.
  - Correct implementation of HTML.

Fast Intro PC/Amiga
- See general demo rules
- Topic will be announced at the party

Most Useless Utility
Have you ever made something so totally useless by accident or you tried
to on purpose? Then this is something for you. It doesn't matter if it's
something which uses forever to calculate a number or if it's a simulation
dog barker. All entries are welcome.

C64 Demo
* C64 standard model
* 64kb RAM (no wonder :)
* 1541 or compatible FDD

* Max 15 minutes
* If the entry need any obscure hardware, contact us for arrangements.
* Animations/CGI only
* If you have the opportunity we would like animations to be delivered on
  s-vhs. That makes it easier for us. If not we will do it ourselves :)

Totally WiLD
* Max 15 minutes
* If the entry need any obscure hardware, contact us for arrangements.
* Anything goes within legal limits.
* Things to be delivered on video, must be clearly marked.

Java game/demo/application
- You can pretty much do what you want to here as long as it's in the
  spirit of the competition.
- Both binaries and source must be submitted
- Entry must be applet executable, ie. from a browser

4 channel Music
* One entry per person
* 4 channels maximum
* 15 modules will be selected by a jury
* Max 4 minutes
* Any midi modules will be played on an AWE32 with standard instrument set
* S3M, MOD, XM, MID, IT, OctaMED, AMS and C64 SID's allowed
* Max 1.44Mb unarchived

Music competition
* One entry per person
* 15 modules will be selected by a jury
* Max 4 minutes
* S3M, MOD, XM, MID, IT, OctaMED, AMS and C64 SID's allowed
* Any midi modules will be played on an AWE32 with standard instrument set
* Max 1.44Mb unarchived

Fast Music
Rules? Quick?

Graphics compos common
* 20 pictures will be show 2x30 seconds (These will be picked by a jury)
* GIF, IFF, JPEG, LBM, ILBM, HAM8 and TIFF allowed
* Max 24bit color depth
* Max 1024x768 picture resolution
* No color cycling effects allowed
* The competition version must not be signed by the artist

Graphics raytrace/rendered
* Picture must be computergenerated and not pixeled.

Graphics Pixelled
* Picture must be pixelled and neither rendered or raytraced.

3DFX Compo
* Must run under either DirectX, Glide or OpenGL.
* Compo will run on a machine with 3DFX card installed, and must work on
  this platform. However, any demo working under DirectX will adhere to
  the rules and therefore be eligible EVEN if it does not support 3DFX.
  These demos will have a distinct disadvantage though.

Other small competitions will be announced at the party.