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-- The Flash Party 1999, Official Results :
November 5, 6 & 7, 1999; Buenos Aires, argentina
(opened entrys to all americans)
sitio web:

--- Demo Compo:
1ro - 'monamixxx'                   delabualama       mexico
2do - 'super-me'                    irondude          mexico
3ro - 'geekodelic'                  manlibah          argentina
4to - 'luxes'                       esb               argentina

128k intro Compo:
1ro - 'burn'                        reduz/codelarvs   argentina
2do - '3d'                          newiceman         argentina

4k intro Compo:
1ro - 'ray'                         beyond            eeuu
2do - 'yart'                        delabualama       mexico
3ro - 'coil'                        resonance         brasil
4to - '?!'                          x-tream           argentina

Música trackeada:
1ro - 'church'                      spektor/synthesis          argentina
2do - 'peace in the forest'         uctumi/indep               argentina
3ro - 'technotron'                  shockWaver/elixir DMG      argentina
4to - 'amelia'                      reduz/codelarvs            argentina
5to - 'xxxxxxxx'                 wordmacro                   brazil
6to - 'saint jarna'                 impure rose /elixir DMG    argentina
7to - 'other side'                  (G)eorge/indep.            argentina
8vo - 'new age relax'               joe 304/microset           argentina
9no - 'not like you'                bandido/Mindprobe          argentina
10mo - 'de la rua presidente'        coda/green house seed co.  argentina

Música en formato MP3:
1ro - 'Romanic'                     reduz/codelarvs            argentina
2do - 'I Have Seen A UFO (So High)' panoramix/mindprobe        argentina
3ro - 'Behind The Sound'            rave-n/indep               argentina
4to - 'J.K. Murder'                 uctumi/indep               argentina
5to - 'Dream The Dreamer'           madbit/mindprobe           argentina
6to - 'Psychodelica'                spektor/synthesis          argentina
7mp - 'Never Forget.Mp3'            tetsuoman/FPU              argentina
8vo - 'Una Pila De Vida'            ponchan/z80                argentina

1ro - 'entre'                       alejandra viacava/indep    argentina
2do - 'p.j.p'                       toro/indep                 argentina
3ro - 'metafora'                    leicia gotlibowski/indep   argentina
19  - 'auto'                        unknown                    argentina

Pixel 8bit:
1ro - 'hendrix'                     xxxx/beyond                eeuu
2do - 'cazador'                     jorge andreoli             argentina
3ro - 'xenocyber'                   konami/mimic               canada
4to - 'unfinished chik'             arlequin/pvm/circe         argentina
5to - 'concierto bizarro'           reduz/codelarvs            argentina

Pixel 16bit/Handrawn photoshop:
1ro - 'charly'                      akhzel/jsd                 argentina
2do - 'soulseeker'                  rax                        argentina
3ro - 'rick'                        fugitivo/circe             argentina
4to - 'space'                       fear/circe                 argentina

Gfx 3d:
1ro - 'the flash island'            shadow/digitalminds        argentina
2do - 'dolly's high'                biomemo/circe              argentina
3ro - 'otro lado'                   leicia gotlibowski         argentina
4to - 'teaching'                    bloody rose                argentina
5to - 'tripis'                      unabomber                  argentina
6to - 'larvoclub'                   reduz                      argentina

1ro - 'divina'                      john sharp/most trance     argentina

1ro - 'gogeta'                      the wolfman-darkman-arlequin /circe
2do - 'pelitoz'                     the wolfman-darkman /circe
3ro - 'goa vibes'                   arlequin /circe
4to - 'anunciador'                  the wolfman - circe
5to - 'arpegio'                     squareloop/patr1chs air
6to - 'theflashparty'               excess/ambush

Ascii (oldschool):
1ro - 'the white house'             acidbrain/circe
2do - 'the flash party'             mephisto & marciano/indep.
3ro - 'ultimate'                    arlequin/circe
4to - 'founded and destroyed'       wolf man/indep.

Web: (solo muestra, no hubo competencia)
xxx - 'the flash party web'       no soul
xxx - 'mostrance web'             john sharp/mostrance

Bands/Djs that played at the flash 1999:
dj pucheet (prog. trance)
Z-80 Live Set (Techno-pop)
Mindprobe Live Set (Psychedelic trance) (

- The Flash Party Staff.