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             -16 Mb-  ? or maybe less...
             Logic Dream
             Don Vicenzo

             !! Apparently MIDAS 1.1.x don't work on the GUS Max & PnP
             !! So use a Sound Blaster to get sound

             Shawn Hargreaves
             -VBE 2.0-

             Do not run it under windows, it's slower, you don't get correct
             sync'ing and DO NEVER start it in windowed mode, this will crash
             your PC to Hell...

             Run _Perfectly_ with a Pentium 100.

             This is the final version.
             In party version, you must reset if you enter in sound setup.
             [Sorry. :(]

             we use the allegro 3D engine... Our engine is 4 times faster,
             but unfinished...

             This demo has no _real_ ending, I'm too lasy, and there was a
             deadline. :(

  .Volcazer-Evil Maniak.
             It was nice IRCing with you!! :)
             I don't like lamers-rippers-liars like you...

  .Special Greets.
             Babaorum: Keep on coding... It was only your first demo.
                       there will be many others...
                       Do you search a group ??? (We want you !!!)

             JFF:      The coolest group. No more to say.

  .100% KNIGHTS.
             We will soon release:
              * Many demos !!!!
              * Milla, a Demo/Presentation-maker for PC
              * MiND OS, THE librairy.

To get in touch with us, you can write to :

  impulse...........................       Eclipse.......................
        Gautier Portet                          Fabien Germain
        3, place Ferdinand Buisson              26, rue Louis Pasteur
        31240 Saint Jean                        76120 Grand-Quevilly
        - FRANCE -                              - FRANCE -           

                Knights' homepage :