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                             ------------------ ----- ---- --- -- -
                  S N E L L E - K O O T - C O M P O   # 1
        ------------------ ----- ---- --- -- -

                  the info file  for the compo being held
                  on  #nlcoders at  saturday 4 april 1998

                  schedule : 12.15h - start  of the compo
                             gfx packs can  be downloaded
                             from  the url located at the
                             bottom  of  this  info  file

                             17.15h - deadline,  be  sure
                             to upload your entry in time
                             voting  begins at  this time
                             22.00h - voting ends,  votes
                             are counted and results will
                             be made publically available

                  theme  for  this compo  is  THE  SMURFS

                  your entry  must be made  entirely from
                  scratch,  the demo may have sound,  you
                  must use  all of the images  in the gfx
                  pack 1, no decompression to hdd allowed
                  make sure  as  many people  as possible
                  can watch  your demo ;-)  any operating
                  system will do, maximum size of demo is
                  four megabytes unzipped................
                  there is no time limit for the duration

                  snelkoot1/  graphics pack 1

                  snelkoot1/  graphics pack 2

                  note: you may rescale  these images  to
                  any size  you want  or  use a bunch  of
                  filters to transform/enhance the images

                  the second package  includes additional
                  images  which  you do not  have to  use

                  snelkoot1/      < 512k module
                  snelkoot1/      > 512k module

                  note:  you may use  this module  if you
                  do not  want to  hassle with  a tracker

                  snelkoot1/vote.txt      for voting info

                  these files  can only  be downloaded on
                  the  day  the competition  takes  place

                  upload  your entry  in  this directory:

                  make sure you include a .txt describing
                  your entry  with the archive (zip only)

                  mail to: if
                  you have any questions about this compo

                  the snelle-koot-compo #1  is  sponsored
                  and   hosted   by  the   overflow  crew

                             ------------------ ----- ---- --- -- -
        ------------------ ----- ---- --- -- -