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SATELLITE '98 Official Results PC


PC Demo:

1. "Cystic Fibrosis" Neurogen

2. "People" Pengo

3. "Drill" Defect

PC 4k Intro:

1. "Trace Your Mind 2" Suspend

2. "Global Warming" Vardin/Ind

3. "Emphasis" Toxic Karrotz

4. "Rose" Antidothum

PC 64k Intro:

1. "Front Page" Suspend

2. "Transform" Dimension

   "Overflow" Korozone [turn down - VESA 24 bit problems]

Any questions send to (only PC compos):


ICQ: 5669071

Party organizer contact:


ICQ: 16255810

Full results sheet will be post later on the appendix website,

feel free to check up this:



tHEsECT! BBS > +48-91-4879493 [22-13cet]

powered by A1240T/603e/240mhz, 64mb


pSL wHQ! aND wHQ! tLS pHQ! vA pHQ! fLP pHQ! jRM pHQ! 

mWI pHQ! l124 pHQ! dGS pHQ! oZF pHQ! dXP pHQ!