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			"Grave" by Shredder/ind.
		An entry for Satellite'98 traced gfx compo.
	       [all objects are mine, made in bloody work :]

			Done in 3D Studio Max 2.

			     Greetings to:
		      Kinetix crew - for 3D Studio

 DeFeCt, INTerror, TaTanKa, AgraVeDict, GRinDerS, Sixty9 crew, DraGoN, Fizz,
	       all groups who deserve it and all I forgot :)

	 and ofkoz to: Lukass, Mishka, Opat, Vicar - ppl from Ostrowiec

		    -= dedicated to my friend: Kinio =-

 Some commercial words:

		  þ about all files in archive SH_GRAVE.RAR þ

   This stuff is freeware!! That means you can copy it, but cannot ask any
   payment for that. If you want to publish this in any form - you have to
		    contact author (that means me!).

			       þ about author þ

     Contact me for any purpose (joining groups, work, cooperation). All
  propositions will be carefully read and I (author) assure you of replying.

  Contact address:
  email:    <----preferred
  smail: Marcin Seredynski
	 ul. Kosowska 20/30, m. 28
	 26-600 Radom