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Rush Hours 1998
Czestochowa/Poland, 25-26 April 1998

Amiga competitions pre-results

Amiga demo competition:

 1. "Napalm"            by Floppy
 2. "Visible World 100%" by Mawi + Venus Art
 3. "Flea"              by Appendix
 4. "Twitch"            by Vegas

Amiga 64k intro competition:

 1. "Korn"              by Amnesty
 2. "Born Again"        by Venus Art
 3. "Revolution 909"    by Mawi

Amiga 4k intro competition:

 1. "Together Remix"    by Phase Truce
 2. "S38ZB4"            by Mawi
 3. "Thud Remix"        by Mawi

Amiga 256b intro competition:

 1. "Midge"             by Aln!/Appendix + Mawi
 2. "Jesienny Deszcz"   by Ziober/WFMS
 3. "Break In Chaos"    by ITB

Graphics competition:

 1. "Et"                by Caro/Nah-kolor + Phase Truce
 2. "Sinner"            by Madd/Mystic + Cruel
 3. "Mystic Influence"  by Mustafa/Mystic + Cruel + Floppy

Raytraced graphics competition:

 1. "Nauka"             by Traitor/Nah-kolor
 2. "Kinder"            by Traitor/Nah-kolor
 3.                     Commanche/Amnesty + Agony

4-channel music competion:

 1. "Sensuous Whisper"  by Marc/Phase Truce + Haujobb + Sector 7
                        (not present at party place)
 2. "Crimson Moon"      by Superfml/Appendix + PicSaintLoup
 3. "Slashing"          by X-Ceed/Endzeit + Appendix

Multi-channel music competition:

 1. "Passion"             by X-Ceed/Endzeit + Appendix
 2. "Aural luvs children" by Falcon + KeyG
 3. "Wafloza"             by Bartes/Axis G Nine ^ Btp
                          (not present at party place)

Please notice:

This file doesn't contain results from all competitions.
There was also PC (demo/64k/4k/256b), C64 (demo/gfx/music)
and Atari (gfx) prize giving ceremony, but I don't include
any results not to do any misspellings in group names/handles.
If there is no official file I may send you what I know.

Smajk(aka Majkel)/Venture

A hint:
 Have a look on "Colmix" by Hasid/Amnesty and "Mirrors" by
 Maq/Endzeit, great piece of code, somehow not placed among
 3 best in amiga 4k intro.