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		" Kosmik Girl" by Visual/Nah kolor^GRiD 

	... sonda 709, after landing, somewhere in deep
	space, on the planet of crystal water & fresh air...

	she was walking, throught the grass, eating a green

	I licked an apple soft from her lips...
		dedicated to my best friend : Revisq
	(let`s fuck those stupid, conceited "lok heads"...)
	helloes to all my pals..
	kisses goes to my "little star on the sky", my girlfriend,
	who is my kosmik girl=>:)

	respect to all polish graphicans/ just do your best!!!

	first lines in DP3 (yeah->oldskool!!!), and later on
	Fractal p., and Photo shop...
					(you can blame me for that, aa??)
	under influence of FSOL, Underworld, The ORB, Vangelis,
	M. Oldfield, Deliver, Tecture, David Lanz, Revisq...

	awo gle toosta tniamy cha...