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		     Module Player V1.0

Release date : 28/1/91

	  Programmed by :- Matrix of Crack UK (C) 1991
	  Documents  by :- Matrix of Crack UK (C) 1991

Programs supported :

	NoiseTracker V1.0 - V2.12
	Soundmon V2.0

Explanation :

	This program was designed to allow you to play music
	from various music programs.

Loading :

	The program is CLI-based. Which means that the name has to
	be typed in from the CLI prompt, E.g.

>Player <RETURN>

	If the example above was entered a credit will appear after
	a short delay, stating the name of the program, the author
	( Me !!) and a brief description on how to use the program.

	To actually load and play a module you will
	need to type in the name of the module, E.g.


	The example above would load in a module called 'TUNE1'
	from the disk in Drive 1 and the directory name 'MODULES'.

	Most people will be familiar with this type of structure,
	which is commonly known as the Directory Path.

	NOTE : The <RETURN> after each command line simply
	means to press the RETURN key.

	If you only have one disk drive ( the internal )
	then sometimes you may be prompted to swap
	between the disk with the Player program on it
	and the disk with the music on.

Playing :

	When you have selected the tune you want to play, press
	RETURN and after a delay ( How long depends on how big
	the tune you want is ! ) the screen will go black and
	you will see some Channel Meters on screen.

	When the music is in full swing all of these will be
	pulsing in and out.

	When there is no music there will be no pulsing bars.

Exiting :

	When you have had enough of the music simply press the
	left-mousebutton ( The mouse should be connected to
	Joystick Port 1 -: JOY 1 :- ). This should return
	you to the CLI-prompt.

	If it doesn't check your mouse is plugged in correctly.
	Failing this, do a Keyboard Reset :


Errors :

	Sometime during your use of this program you will get an
	error. There now follows a run-down of the errors in
	this program :-

ERROR :		File open error.

CAUSE:		You have tried to load a module that does not

SOLUTION:	Check that the module is on the disk.
		Check that your Directory Path is correct.

ERROR:		Module too large.

CAUSE:		You have tried to load a module that is too
		big to handle.

		Modules upto 250K are accepted.

SOLUTION:	You will just have to try with a different module.

ERROR:		File read error.

CAUSE:		An error has been detected whilst loading the
		module. This could be a disk fault ( a corrupted
		disk ).

SOLUTION:	Try loading the module again.
		If that fails try loading the module into
		the music program that the module came from.
		If the module loads into the music program correctly
		then send a copy of the disk with the offending
		module on it to me.

ERROR:		That was not a recognised module.

CAUSE:		You have tried to load a module which is either
		not a music module or is not yet supported by
		the program.

SOLUTION:	Check that the module you loaded was a music module.
		Otherwise you will have to load a different module.

Notes :

	Some SoundTracker modules may load (V2.3 upwards).

	The new NoiseTracker 'RESTART' command is now supported.

	NoiseTracker modules made with V2.13 upwards may load
	into this program. But i haven't seen any of these versions
	to test it out.

	I do not think that other versions of Soundmon will load
	into the program. When i get different versions i will update
	the program to support them.

Version updates :

	Features to expect in Player V2.0 :-

		More music programs supported ( Future Composer etc. )
		Better Channel Meters
		Better memory management

User requests :

	If you have any ideas, suggestions or have found any
	bugs then write to me.

	If you have a new music package and want Module Player
	to be able to play the tunes from this package.
	Send the package and the Replay-Routine
	( Written in 68000 machine code ) to me at :-

			TQ13 9AQ

	Guaranteed return of all disks sent to me.

	Also, if you are a programmer and want to contact me
	then please do so (Send a disk with some of your
	work on it, No Disk = No Reply).