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Yo! hello here is S.A.M. of Xentrix hitting the keys. First of all I wanna 
send over the credits, Coding by Michel of Nameless Productions inc. (Thanx)
   GFX by Hammerfist of Xentrix   Music by Cougar of Xentrix   Idea by 
S.A.M. of Xentrix   Now I (S.A.M.)wanna tell you a story about a failed trip
 to Aars. It was about 6 months ago that I heard, that there was a party in 
Aars-Denmark from Crystal-Silents-Anarchy so I asked my cousin (ACE) if he 
could drive us to Aars, he said ok, I will. So everthing was ok (NOT). A 
month later I heard some rumours that my cousin could not use the car for 
the trip to Aars, but he said that there was no problem, so we called the, and he said the same thing. So at that time we did not 
believe him anymore. So we must arrange something else for the party, we 
went to Retep of Mirage and asked if of we could rent a bus together. He 
said ok, but it was to expensive, so we had a little problem. It is now 
26-12-92 13.38 and tomorrow the party begins and I am still in holland. So 
I will probably NOT be in Denmark tomorrow or I must be saved by an Angel 
from God, but I dont believe in God. Ok, enough of this sad shit. Greets 
cummin up RIGHT NOW!!! Retep--Mirage  Samsman--T.F.A  Acid P--The Raven  
Proton--Mexx  Elessar--Centura  Death Angel--Zite  MR.King--Abyss  Dodger--
Giants  Skull--Corpse  Facet--Anarchy  Diskman--Trance  Aristotle--
Independent    and now some greetings here in my home town    Gert, Dennis,
 Martijn, Erwin, Peter, Jack, Reinier, Bianca, Mirjam and ofcourse 
mistimabo, Sylvia and some ANTI-Greetings    Jan Casper (K)Otsen, Arjan van
 der Oest, Martijn van Meulen. That it. If you like to contact S.A.M. write
 to  -P.O. Box 4044- -1780 HA  Den Helder-  -Holland-