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    .       .     .   .  . . ........ press right mousebutton to quit ......      hi there !! this is cosmos on the air 
presenting you a real surprise : the first single-pixel-bubble-scroller ever created on amiga !!! the reason for me to 
do such a scroller was a phonecall with panther of sanity !! he told me,that it is impossible to code a bubble-scroller 
in single-pixel-mode !!! at the very beginning it didn"t touch me,but later on some other members asked me for a 
mainscroller ,so i thought about a single-pixel-bubble-scroller !! the result of my work you can see in front of you . 
you can notice,that nothing is impossible for us ....    and now i give the keyboard to another member - don"t worry,
because i"ll be back soon ....see ya.....             yoha, freaks....   this is manowarrior of visdom tapin" some bites 
of wisdom in this  - single-pixel - bubble-scroller.  we"re here at renegade of visdom"s place and are trying (?) to 
write some fucking text for this fucking cool demo (selfconfidence is always good). most of us are in a drunken condition, 
but i"m sure  that"s nothing special for you, bcoz everybody knows: people who aren"t drunk, are not cool.... my rule 
is: no alk = no fun !!!!!.....  by the way, if you don"t like this piece of cake, then take the holy visdom-demo-disc 
out of your drive and dump your computa on waste-depo. or even worse:  in an atari-shop !!! ( har! wie gemein von mir ).....    
alk rules    heavy-metal rules     manowar rules     demos rule      amiga rules    commodore rules     hulkamania rules    
visdom rules    ich rule (?)....   yep and that"s the way it is. i really hope you like this demo and will vote for it 
in the mags. well, aeh....  i"m out of ideas for now but i"ll surely come back in a while when i"ll be more drunken than 
now and that means i"ll have more ideas for a cool chat.....   so long then....  see ya later  masturbator !!!    manowarrior 
of visdom is pausing (drinking) for a while.........                        hi is pulsar of visdom speaking! 
i am  coder,gfxman and musician.the beginning of this soundtrack is from spherical muzak,eh???then dom and cyborg 
helped to make it.the most members of visdom here are sitting beside me and watch at the screen.cosmos doesn"t love the 
scrolltext of renegade,zap,angel and me.ok,it really is very unintelligent.ok,someformal things....thus is the first visdom 
demo.i hope you like this...soon coming: a demo from me and cyborg!!!i hope that cyborg,dom and i will be able to make some 
cool demos and soundtracks together.teamwork  rules and this counts.dom wants to write now,but i  must say that cosmos is 
out of order now.he screams to and fro.he is very angry about the crazy scrollertexts from some halvedrunken guyz here.
angel comes in and says: pulsar is sitting at the computer again. i hope that this isn"t boring,because otherwise cosmos 
will go is halve past one and we celebrate a cool party at renegade"s dungeon.there are many lights (highlights!?) 
at this place.manowarrior drinks a  good barrel of gincoke.oh dear,i"ve no ideas more and so i have to give the keybord 
to cyborg..........just joking!!! attention,an impotent (important?) message for the readers of this shit....don"t read 
the deep scrollys from renegade and it and die!!!!and now cyborg rules...perhaps i rule back later... this was 
pulsar of visdom........ hello, here is cyborg of visdom on the screen and i will congratulate you to read this scrolltext 
anymore !!! remember, as pulsar already said, i"ll make with him a cool demo. you can see the result next time. you can 
really expect it !! why is it not easier to write a good scrolltext than programing a cool demo?? i don"t know ....oh 
shit !! why must this fucking fly jump into my glass ?? dom is angry about everybody writing before him !!! ok, i"m not 
the fastest writer on earth. it"s two o"clock and i"ve heard that a disk  tried to enter the wc ?? .....and now i present:   
molloch of visdom !!!! ( applause!!! ) gargle gargle howl schluuurpf.....  i repeat: this  is molloch of visdom writing 
something into the memory of this a2000b. hello evrybody. how are you??? i hope you"re fine as i am. a special regard must 
go to ice of sanity: hallo stephan. vielen dank fuer deine  adresse. wenn ihr uns jetzt noch gruessen wuerdet, waere alles 
in bester ordnung.erledigt das mal!!! o.k., in english again: a big hello to all our contacts, especially to awesome and 
to coma. we hope, that you enjoy this production of visdom (ex-reality) as you did at our last demo.  ... you know, i am 
only one of our graficians who has not got to say too much, so i"ll keep it short: i still hope, that the demos  will get 
better in the future. it seems, that new ideas are as rare as they were a year ago. but i"ll keep on hoping. well, that"s 
all from my side. the official greetings will come later on. so byebye  friends. this was molloch of visdom (gfx). coming 
now is one of our musicians ... this is dom. he composed the great tune you"re listening to. hello dom - are you ready???!! thank ya molloch!  i guess it"s now high time that i suck some bullshit out of the keyboard for your pleasure 
(?)   o.k.  here"s  dom  of visdom speaking! the marvellous muzak you"re just listening to is one of my latest works !but 
i must recognize the incredible help of pulsar and the moral support of cyborg thank ya both! i called the tune palpitations 
and it is dedicated to  daniela hammer one of the nicest girls on the whole globe!!!....(now kidding :i always get palpitations 
when seeing her!!! many greetings to her (if she ever should read this shit scrolltext??) ...also many greetings to tille 
and heinrich the third and a double mega-fuck to j├╝rgen the biggest  lamer round here (what was that about my lame muzak???) 
o.k. ....i think i should give the keyboard back to  a person more capable of his senses ???see ya!!.... dom of visdom says 
a farewell up to the next time...    aaaaand cosmos again at the keys.  i just read the text of pulsar a few lines above 
and i have to deny the meaning,that i"m going to be mad about zap,renegade and angels scrolltext .nevertheless i have to 
underline,that their scroller is really one of the katostrophies,which mankind will never forget !! but before i let you 
read that kind of orgasm,i have the honour to welcome a new member,our first female member called  "  angel  ". have a 
nice time in our crew .......      and now fasten your seatbelt for an abnormal,entertaining (???) and interesting (????????) 
scroller as you aren"t enabled to read every day :              mealtime ladies and gentlemen!!!  renegade is on interview 
again. heute interview ich (renegade ex fox) die visdom coder zap, microforce, pulsar und unserenersten weiblichen member 
angel. r: meine erste frage geht an zap. zap wie und warum bist du in diese elite-gruppe gekommen? z: wieso elite-gruppe?
und wieso gekommen? diese ganzen lamer haben sich doch mir angeschlossen. r: ah, ja, so, so. ok, pulsar, wie kamst du in 
diese -----gruppe, oder laufen dir auch alle nur nach? p: wie, ich, mir nachlaufen? ich bin da mehrreingeschliddert. ich 
hab auch keinen plan. r: microforce? m: kein kommentar.r: angel, wie kommst du zu dieser genialen gruppe? a: frag mich `was 
leichteres.r: wer geht zap noch ein bier holen? a: ich.... r: so, dieses schwerwiegende problem haben wir jetzt auch geloest. 
danke, dieses interview war sehr informativ fuer die leser.                                         now, for the foreigners, 
some english shit.... bear or beer? beer is better.better than water. better than walk alone. better than full house. 
betterthan megabullshittingarsefuckingalwaysthesamecontainingabsolutboring scroller,,,,,,,pulsar is writing shit again.....
yep guyz!!!have you ever read such a shit???cos i cant speak well english (only two schoolyears!!),i want to speak german!!
first my favorite german words..... roem and schraddel and at last scheisse!!renegade hinter mir druecktgrad mit angel ab 
und ich armes schwein hab nix zu saufen.ok.angel is very nett to me,cos she get me a i must say you that i drink 
some grog.uebrigens,wenn euch dieser blubbelscroller gefaellt,koennt ihr uns eine antwortkarte schreiben...adresse:  
bootblockstrasse 00 bis 01 4711 kleindiskweiler im some crazy people want to make you down with their drunken 
lyriks (is this written so???) droehnt euch wiedda renegade with his girlfriend angel on this channel....dont 
switch off....hi, still drunken and alive...... renegade. you remember my last scroller (realaxation-demo). i told you 
the story about me and a girl and our walkto cinema next day. this girl is sitting beside me now.... yeah, i"mtotally 
happy about this. and now some important words from angel, the girlbeside me. my honeycakehorse...... i"m schwitzing!! 
(excuse her bad english, but she lived   o n l y   4 years in the united states. sorry!!) yeah! he is lying.i can speak 
english very well, i just forgot the translation of the word i"ve got my period if you now what i mean !!!!!!  
so i"m not pregnantisn"t that nice and pretty!!! no little renegades...  and no little angels...the "not-father" renegade 
is back on board. she said "close your eyes" and iclose my eyes. next thing i feelt was her lips on my mouth. a single 
moment can change your live. ...  and now here"s speedstar on a mega cooooool party of visdom. the beer is very good and 
the music too, but it"s a bit to quiet .and there is another failure, here are not enough beautiful women in neunkirchen.... 
(angel is one of the beautifullst women, but only renegade darf.)now it is time to go for me bcauz my parents need the car. 
but in the next time i will be back with my own car and then there will be no timelimits.bye, bye..... ukw is wesch. theres 
no scroller without sex. there no sexwithout cosmos. cosmos means - climax, oralsex, climax, mausen, oralsex, s e x -                 
so, there"s enough......renegade says bye too and angel send many kisses to all members of visdom around the globe. see ya 
soon in the next production!!!!!     yep!   this is again manowarrior of the glorious visdom bringing you great pleasure 
(?) by casting some wise spells in this scroller. it"s just a quarter past 4 o"clock am and most of those weird dudes left 
the pardie-place. only the hardcore is left: cosmos, microforce, renegade and me (manowarrior)....  it seems as if the 
alcoholic drinks lose their effects on me so i"ll just take another nip of that fine gin-coke ((re-)mixed by manowarrior 
of visdom in 1991).......        tastes really well, but we"re running out of that stuff. it"s a lousy time at this time 
and really nothing seems to happen in this morning since the other cool dudes left this place. sontagsmorgens um halb fuenf 
in neunkirchen/saar....  da ist die welt noch in ordnung...  pah!  alles knackt. auch cosmos der coder dieses genitalen 
teils. wo ich gerade schon mal in deutsch labere:  warum hat noch kein mensch den film -bladerunner- gesehen ???  ..............   
weil er viiieeeel zu dunkel ist (flacher witz, ich weiss). english again. this demo is international. renegade and microforce 
of visdom are just watching cosmos first big amiga-demo. there you have to read first about ten minutes scrolltext before 
about 378 bobs appear on the screen. well, it was cosmos first demo and it"s about 2-3 years old.   karlsberg ur-pils 
rules! the best beer in the world. i just read something in a diskmag that from the 1st july no plk"s will be given out 
anymore and that all existing plk"s will be closed.   buuurps! (sorry, the gin-coke you know). i think the german post is 
one of the lamest institutions existing and now they even take our (hopefully not the last) possibility to swap illegal 
stuff without modem. but i"m just working on a way how to get the illegal stuff per mail and nevertheless staying anonymous.  
now something for the wrestling-fans among you....   some weeks ago was wrestlemania vii in los angeles (city of angel?). 
the ultimate warrior won the carreer-match against the macho king and hulk hogan is the new world-champion...  yeh,that"s 
the way i like it. back to some other  themes.  microforce and renegade just found the green-mode of  cosmos" monitor 
(nein,hilfe,jetzt fangen diiieese stories wieder an!)...   back to life, back to visdom !  many of you readers will ask 
why we spell visdom with a -v- instead with a -w-. that"s simple: visdom ofcoz means wisdom (weisheit) but we"re so wise, 
that you won"t understand it.  just kidding guys, don"t worry.   by the way, you really must be a scrollreading-hero who 
always reads the scrollers to their end, just like me. so read on, guys!  but i don"t know how long this text will get. i 
think the text mustn"t get too long bcoz of memory-problems or something like this but i think the text is already too long, 
bcoz very few people will read till now. but when you read this, then you belong to those few ones and i think you deserve 
a gold-medal for long-time-scroll-text-reading. but to be sure that you really deserve it, you first have to read the scrolltext 
of our worldrecord-scrolltext demo -skullraider-. it has over 100.000 (!) bytes of bullshit. note the exact amount of words 
and send the number to one of our plk"s. (the adresses were given earlier in this demo). when your number is right, then 
you are allowed to take part in the next part of the competition "how-to-get-a-goldmedal-from-manowarrior of 
ever seen such a long title ???   i guess not.  if yes, then you should write me to take part in the compo "who-has-read-the-longest-title-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla" etc......   the clock just strikes a quarter past five and 
when i look through the window i can see the sky lighten up for the morning-sunshine.  or will there be rain ?  i hope 
not.  yop!  school"s over for me and i think i now will make summer-holidays for at least one year. in this time i will 
ofcoz spend many times infront of my computers, especially on the amiga ofcoz. many people think that the c64 is dead by 
now, but i don"t think so. the c64 will be as long alive as there is a scene on this little but cool machine. back to amiga. 
this scrolltexts seems to get pretty long but i"m sure that it wasn"t planned so.  why is this text so long ?  why do i 
write this ?  why does i exist ? why do i ask you such stupid questions ?   lacoste ! (only very special people of the 
computer-scene know this joke and what i mean with that. i decided that the answer is not lacoste (and surely not watercloset). 
the answer remains unknown. at this time only very very special people know what i"m talking about. i think the others already 
switched off and pressed some very special three keys on their amiga-keyboard....  now, you surely think that i"ll finish here 
bcoz of the lack of ideas but you"re wrong. i"ll just train for the -skullraider 2- demo which will contain more than 200.000 
bytes of bullshit. next week, i"ll probably get my first very own car, a peugeot 205. i"ll get it from my parents for making 
my exams. and as i really am a car-freak, i"ll ofcoz tune up my car into a real streetmachine. but let"s go back to the 
computer-scene and a bit about friendship. i think friendship is a great movement and it should be the main-reason to be in 
scene. when i entered the scene by building my own group the main-reason for that was to get fame but today i think in a 
different way. i found some really good friends in the scene and that"s the most important thing. when you have friends in 
the scene, it isn"t so difficult anymore to get fame and find even more friends.....  fun should be the most important thing 
in the scene. i really hate cracking for money. it"s lame. burps! i really get hungry by now, but the mac (mcdonalds) opens 
first at 11 o"clock. the time now is 6 o"clock. that means five hours of hungry waiting. but i think i"ll drive home earlier 
than 11 o"clock. then i have to drive in cosmos" austin mini. that car is really cool if only a bit too small. but the engine 
makes cool noises when you drive with a high speed in a low gear. (schraddel,roehm!) do you know where the roots of the 
single-pixel-bubble-scroll is ?  it"s not a very new idea, bcoz already 4 years ago,the group -finnish gold- did one on the 
c64, but that one was ofcoz not so good as this one is.    shit! the last bytes (?) of my gin-coke mix have disappeared. i"ll 
just go and mix myself a new one.   -----------   yo, i"m back right now. i just discovered that this gin has only 38 percent 
of alcohol. that means it wouldn"t burn if you throw it into fire. but this stuff exists to be drunk and not to be thrown 
into fire. and 38 percent of alcohol is still 38 percent alcohol more than in that slimy mineral water (i hate it).....    
mal ehrlich:   liest einer von euch da draussen eigentlich noch die scheisse, die ich schreibe oder seid ihr alle schon vor 
langeweile abgekackt ???  da hat schon wieder jemand die reset-tasten gedrueckt. dass heisst, da hat noch jemand gelesen. 
the clock strikes a quarter past six, that means that i"m now writing for exact two hours. i mean writing two hours without 
stopping. i know that"s no record and nothing to be proud of, but it remains remarkable if you consider the time in the early 
morning, the fact that i was drunken when i startet to write and the fact that when i began to write i had absolutely no 
idea what to write. meanwhile i just need to lay my fingers on renegade"s amiga keyboard and the text appears automatically 
in the scrolltext-editor. perhaps i should better paint something instead of writing so much shit in here but for that i would 
have to search the dpaint-disc out of those billions of discs lying all across over renegade"s computa-room. i have really 
no lust to do that. yesterday evening was quite funny when renegade throw microforce"s metal-tape into a glass of beer. ha 
ha. (it wasn"t so funny for microforce). but with this we invented something new:  - beer metal -   the perfect mix between 
a great drink and a cool musak-style. there"s just one problem: i don"t know if i shall eat the tape or listen to the beer 
when it is killing renegade"s stereo-unit. as always, any hints can be send to our adress. but it"s better you include either 
a bottle of beer or a heavy-metal tape in you letter. by the way, you needn"t to believe everything i"m writing here. (ja, 
das bezog sich auf den letzten satz!)..........   i think when cosmos sees the lenght of this text in few hours, he"ll get 
crazy.  hoffentlich passt die ganze scheisse dann noch ins demo.....  hoffentlich habe ich nicht zu viele schreibfehler 
gemacht....   und hoffentlich machts mcdonalds bald wieder auf....    aber das sind ja gleich drei wuenche auf einmal. das 
geht nun wirklich nicht. und ich hab nicht mal ein ueberraschungsei. nur zwei normale. oder warens drei ? jetzt aber mal 
ernst beiseite.     well, i have written now nearly 200 lines of text and i don"t want to break our old scrolltext-record 
right here. i want you to take note that i don"t went out of scrolltext ideas, but i"ll stop now, otherwise the text gets 
to long for the demo. i don"t know if this really is true, but i nevertheless stop right here. so long then, i"m sure we"ll 
see us in another visdom-demo with magic-coding, wonderful grafix and ear-smashing muzaks......   see ya...     manowarrior 
of visdom signing off..............                  does this text restart now ?                                          
na ?                                                                    ja, was nu ?                                      

this effect is called wiggle-dycper and will appear to give you some informations.but first let"s have a look at 
some other nice plottings.....               

coming up next are some filled vectors....enjoy them....                

i am sorry,that they aren"t bigger,but it"s my first filled-vectors-routine and it sucks a lot of time to let it run 
with a lightsource.....                

all objects are running in a 280 lines high overscan-playfield with 3 bitplanes !! of course everything is realtime 
calculated !!!!!                

now some messages have to be sent around ....                

more messages will follow in the mainscroller. but first let"s continue with some different cool plotting-movement                

remember the little cube at the beginning ????????                

one of the shittest spaceships ever made will follow.....                

i am sorry for the small size of the following object,but the playfield isn"t big enough for it......                

as i guess,that some of you think,visdom is a new group,i"ll give you now some informations about us :  visdom 
consists to this time of two of the biggest ( and surely best ) groups of germany. after the very good cooperation 
demo "realaxation" both gave their name up and founded a new,bigger and better group called visdom !!! the two 
groups were  " axiom "  and  " reality " . the current memberstatus will follow now....                

before the mainscroller begins,let me just show you a few more plottings and filled vectors .... see you later ......                

the mainscroller is coming up now,so get a cool drink and order some food,because it gonna take a long time to 
read that enourmous entertaining text to the end .........                

all effects are shown now,all scrollers are read and this entertaining demo comes to the unavoidable end. let me 
just tell ya,that it made a lot of fun to produce it and i hope,that you had the same fun in watching it to the 
end ! and i hope,that you also enjoy the two other visdom-demos,which will be released with this demo on one disk !!!! 
some famous last words : see ya ..... and never forget : friendship rules !!!!!     cosmos of visdom signing 

 To contact VISDOM write to : 
PLK 193999 E - 668 Neunkirchen
 PLK 110828 C - 665 Waldmohr  
 Both in Germany ! And don"t  
forget: FRIENDSHIP RULES !!!!!
All sick coding by:           
All Charsets puked by:        
Rest of shitty gfx done by:   
Soundraping by:               
With the help of:             
             PULSAR and CYBORG
Current Members:              
MICROFORCE    ( Coder,Music ) 
COSMOS              ( Coder ) 
ZAP                 ( Coder ) 
DSP                 ( Coder ) 
JACOMO LEOPARDI     ( Coder ) 
CYBORG              ( Coder ) 
         To be continued .....
The Rest of the Crew:         
RENEGADE              ( Gfx ) 
MOLLOCH               ( Gfx ) 
MANOWARRIOR           ( Gfx ) 
TP                    ( Gfx ) 
PULSAR   ( Coding,Gfx,Music ) 
DOM                 ( Music ) 
UKW              ( Swapping ) 
ANGEL                 ( ??? ) 
!!!!!!!    ATTENTION   !!!!!!!
         PAMELA KUEHN         
       SANDRA GLUECKERT       
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
COMA: Thanx for your letter !!
Hope you"ll also like our new 
demos ( including this ) !!!  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
SNOOKER of DEMONS: Continue   
the cool sendings... From now 
on we"ll send more stuff back 
( Not only our own products ) 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
PANTHER of SANITY: Thanx for  
your help with the vectors.By 
the way : I"ve got a surprise 
for you in this demo ....     
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
ICE of SANITY: What about some
REAL demos of SANITY ?? Up to 
this point we only received   
sounddisks from you !!!!      
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
RAIDER of AWESOME: Thanx for  
best stuff !! Keep the friend-
ship alive !!!!!              
ACE of AWESOME: Hope to get   
your first demo soon ....     
              GOOD LUCK SO FAR
  To give that silly thing a  
  name , we called this demo  
       VERTICAL PULSE         
We worked several weeks on it,
 so we hope you"ll like it as 
much as we did during the time
of production.                
is proud to present to you one
of its first multipart-demos  
   for this great machine .   
So take a comfortable seat, a 
  cool drink and have a nice  
time while enjoying our latest
production !!!