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         - CODING - 
         - GRPHICS -
         - DESIGN - 
          - MUSIC - 

    The party will be held in Örebro which is one of the largest
    towns in Sweden. We have hired Örebros exhibition hall which is
    5000 m², about the same size as The Party II in Denmark.

    The exact address to the Exhibition Hall is: Adolfbergs V.4, Örebro.
    Örebro is located right beside the roads E3/E20, leading to Stockholm,
    Oslo and Gothenburg. If you travel by train or buss you should
    take buss 31 or 33 from the buss station which is located right beside
    the train station. However there are notes all over the place which
    tells you how to get there. The same goes if you arive at Örebro's
    AirPort. Advance payers will get a city map and additional information.
    At 12.00 (Thursday 5/8) all visitors will be allowed to enter the
    party which will close at Sunday 20.00.

    Everyone with an interest in computers and/or music are welcome to come!


    We started thinking about arranging a party when we had been on a
    couple of parties that we thought we could do better. So therefore
    we are now proud to present our own party with more features than
    no other party has ever offered. You can buy food at low prices 24 Hrs
    a day from well known companies such as McDonalds right at the party
    place, you can also buy breakfast every morning at 9-10 o'clock and the
    list of stunning features just goes on and on..
    We will try to speak loud and clear in the speakers and we will only use
    the official language which ofcourse is english. I must say that this has
    been more than annoying at other parties or what do you say!?
    Well anyway that's why, so you better be there to have the chance to
    enjoy all of it!

    There will be a Tehcno Consert and two Synth Conserts and even more.
    If your band want to play, then contact us for further info.

    Lots of movies will be shown at the big screen with our LaserDisc
    movie player. We have around 150 movies!!!

    A party BBS running on an A3000 with 8 nodes, 2 DST Lines out and 6
    terminals where you can get the latest and write messages to the
    other party visitors. The BBS is sponsored by Commodore!

    Amiga Demo, AGA Demo, Intro, Music and GFX Competitions
    PC Demo Competition will also be held and maybe some more PC Comps.

    McDonald hamburgers will be sold 24 Hrs inside the party place by
    McDonald's themselves so it will be fresh food all the time.

    Teo's Pizzeria will serve breakfast between 9 and 10 o'clock inside
    the party place and sell pizza for reduced prices.

    We have hired a 4000 watt speaker system + a whole disco with all
    light and sound equipment so there'll be plenty of good sound.

    We also have a large cafeteria in which you can buy most things,
    and enjoy your hamburger/pizza or breakfast!
    If we get some local girls to the party place we'll even use our
    hired discoteque for it's original purpose and have a disco there!

    Commodore Sweden will show you some of their latest equipment and
    talk about the new AGA Chipset and OS 3.0/3.1. It will be held
    in one of the conference rooms available at the party place.

    Party T-Shirts, Amiga T-Shirts with Intel Outside on it's back
    will be sold at the information together with disks both HD and DD. 

    Our exhibition includes all computer models that Commodore has been
    selling since they made Pet computers. You'll even get the chance
    to try some of them out!

    Many Companies will attend to the party and you'll be able to buy
    computers and hardware stuff at real cheap prices. Look at the
    latest technology and so on! Even music stores will be present
    at the party so that you also can check out some of the coolest
    music equipment..

    Afraid of getting your luggage stolen !? No problem, we'll take
    care of you luggage for a small fee (10 sek/day).

    If you want to have a shower or even a bath you can go to the
    Gustavsvik swimming hall which includes all the features a tired
    party visitor need. It costs only 10 sek to bath & shower!

    Dynafield Systems (a software company) will show the games they
    are currently developing and you might also have a chance to chat
    with one of their programmers. They will also seek for new talents
    so if you think you are one you should definitely talk to them!

    For those of you who haven't got tired of Sweden after the party
    is over, there is a possibility to visit the Stockholm Water
    Festival, a two hour journey from Örebro. 

    You may not use/have any alcohol/drugs/cigarettes/snuff inside the
    party place. If you are in a instable condition you will not be
    allowed to enter the party place. If you can't behave in the party
    place you will in the best case be thrown out and in the worst case
    handed over to the local police. If you break anything or don't behave
    in the party area we know just where to call..

    If you steal something from the other party visitors we will have
    tar and feathers ready for you so you could run around like a
    chicken before we hand you over to the police.. Is that CLEAR?

    Ohh I forgot the bodyguards which will stand 24 Hrs/day at the
    enterance to check everybody who enters and leaves the building.
    A tip is that you shouldn't mess a round with these guys,
    it would be a terrible mistake from your side..

    As this is a legal party which applies to Swedish laws you may
    not do anything which breaks against our laws. And we take no
    responsibilities what so ever for what you do with your computer.

    The competition rules:

    Amiga Demo/Intro/Music Competition will be run on an
    A500+ Dos 2.0 ECS Chipset 1 Mb Chip memory
    The modules most work on ProTracker 2.3+ By Crayon/Noxious
    modules made on the PC may also compete if they are compatible
    The intro maximum file size is 60 kb (61440 bytes).

    Amiga AGA Demo/Graphics Competition will be run on an
    Amiga 1200 Dos 3.0 AGA Chipset 2 Mb Chip memory
    The pictures may be in any resuloution that works on a normal
    Commodore 1084 compatible monitor and Deluxe Paint AGA (IV)
    if you are a PC graphician you may also compete if you can
    convert it so it works on Deluxe Paint AGA (on the Amiga)
    The demo should use ONLY system friendly code and use routines
    that are supplied in the OS. Cheating will result in disqualification!

    PC Demo Competition will be run on an
    IBM Compatible 486 DX 33 MHZ 4 Mb Mem With VGA 512 kb GFX Mem

    Any production that is handed over to us after deadline will not
    be shown, the competitors must be present at the party when the
    competition is. You may not enter any competition with prereleased
    productions. A person may only enter one production in each of
    the contest categories. If you break against any of the rules
    you're out of all the competitions!

    Competition deadlines:

    Music           7 August 15.00 CET  Will apx be shown: 22.00 CET
    Graphics        7 August 16.30 CET  Will apx be shown: 23.00 CET
    Amiga Intro     7 August 18.00 CET  Will apx be shown: 24.00 CET
    Amiga AGA Demo  7 August 19.00 CET  Will apx be shown: 00.00 CET (8 Aug)
    Amiga Demo      7 August 20.00 CET  Will apx be shown: 01.00 CET (8 Aug)
    PC Demo         7 August 21.00 CET  Will apx be shown: 02.00 CET (8 Aug)

    Voting will start 03.00 CET 8 August and apx stop 05.00 CET

    Competition prices:

    Amiga DEMO!           GRAPHICS!             MUSIC!
    +-------------->      +-------------->      +-------------->
    |                     |                     |
    |»1:st - 15.000 SEK   |»1:st -  2.500 SEK   |»1:st -  2.500 SEK
    |»2:nd -  5.000 SEK   |»2:nd -  1.000 SEK   |»2:nd -  1.000 SEK
    |»3:rd -  2.000 SEK   |»3:rd -    500 SEK   |»3:rd -    500 SEK
    |                     |                     |
    Amiga INTRO!          Amiga AGA DEMO!       PC DEMO!
    +-------------->      +-------------->      +-------------->
    |                     |                     |
    |»1:st -  2.500 SEK   |»1:st -  A1200       |»1:st -  5.000 SEK
    |»2:nd -  1.000 SEK   |»2:nd -  1.000 SEK * |»2:nd -  1.000 SEK *
    |»3:rd -    500 SEK   |»3:rd -    500 SEK * |»3:rd -    500 SEK *
    |                     |                     |

    * Depends on the amount of visitors and interest ..
    ! Ofcourse there will be additinal hardware prices from all out
      sponsores, but I don't got the complete list of the sponsored
      hardware today so I won't include it!


    When you enter the party you will have to login to the party BBS
    and you will then use the account you have to vote on one of the
    6 terminals that will be connected to the party BBS inside the
    party. This should be the easiest and the safest way of non-cheating!
    All entries will be presented for you when you vote at the terminal
    incase you have forgotten some of the competitors.

    The percentage a competitor get won't affect the amount of money
    that will be given away as it was at the Computer Crossroads Party.
    If you win the first price for example you'll get the price stated
    in the section for prices in this text!


    The enterance fee is 150 sek for all visitors to the party and if
    you have paid in advance the fee is only 120 sek.

    You can pay in advance to D-Design or if you are a swede you could
    use our "Postgiro" which is PG-620 89 92-5. Do not forget to include
    your handle/group/name/age/address and if you have a computer with
    you or not. Ofcourse you could pay for how many people you want!

    Deadline for booking and paying in advance is two weeks before the
    party so we can sort up all things. If you pay after that date you
    have to pay at the enterance too!

    Information about currences:

    Because of the fact currencies change day by day in the world we
    can't give you a precise answer on how much 1 SEK is, but it is about
    0.125 US $. (Atleast we think so) :)

    The Swedish crown (sek) is worth less than both Denmarks crown
    and the Norwegian crown so you guys really earns on this!!!

    If you wan't more information you should contact us.

    D-Design of Virtual     or call: Saturn of Virtual
    Sagstugu V.29                    +46(0)8-7718562
    146 38 Tullinge                  ask for Kristian
    Sweden                           18:00-20:00 CET!

    Do you have a modem !? Then call this board and reserve tables for
    you and your group. (This doesn't give you reduced prices only
    tables.. You have to pay in advance to get cheaper enterance fee)

    INSANiTY BBS +46(0)589-10780 (2400-14400 DST) Sysop Delusion of Virtual

    Login name: ECC  Password: ECC  if you wan't to book only!!

    Ofcourse you are free to logon as a new user if you're gonna call
    again, otherwise use the above name and password!

    If you have a company (small or large) who want to attend at the
    party you should call/write to one of the above names and ask for
    the address/phone number to Delusion.

    Hope to se Ya' all There.. Signed Delusion & D-Design of Virtual..

    PS! Free enterance for all nice girls with/without computers..!!!      END!
Yello sAtUrN hiere, first some messages to my phriendz...
But first of all sorry for this VERY long delay but as you all
know shit happends or....
ok lets goue...

Lizard Leing/Alcatraz: ???? Ja vad ska man skriva till dig
 jo mina topp5 demos e CrossFire x 5 ok???
 och favorit bilder ar: Slay x 5 got it???
 Sadar nu maste jag ju vara med i utlottningen och i forsta
 pris skulle jag vilja ha en TeddyBjorn... Helst BAMSE...
Zakka/Accession: Vad ar Assembly mot ECC??? Nuthing!!! (HeHeHe)
Storm/Essence:Which group are you in now??? You change group like
 a fuckin maniac...
Schizo/Circle:Var fan e brevet din jevla punkare(HoHoHo!!!)???
Deicide/Cryptoburners:Wasnt it your turn to send something??? 
 anyway now im back...
Colorbird/Circle:Veldigt intressant mag men layouten var val i
 samsta laget??? Naja Cu At Sum Pardie...
Hyde/Complex:Thanks for d nice sendings Harriiiii....
 More Cplx stuff por favor...
Dreamer/Pmc:Too bad you left this scene... R.I.P.
Penthagon/Crystal:Hello my pal as you see i wrote back, good or???
Steroid/Jetset:Ummhh are your hormons not balanced or what ive excpected
 something for some time now...
Michael/Nuance:Hmmm wonder if your at home now???                       -CONT->
Bundy/Sonic:Hej Pyry, hmmm is that really your real name sounds
 kinda strange in swedish, dont you think???
Bross/Tsb:So you finally got your ass out of the wagon???
 Good ive got mine out now too so we can start that active trading soon...
The Model/Sonic:Is your real name really Toni or???
Conquest/Scoopex:Why Why Why????
Kris/Movement:Ive almost finished with that interview, GR8!!!
 Cu Soon my Brother....
Oxide/Sonic:Your d slowest trader in the scene...
Lex/Orient:Nej jag har inte slutat....
Dark/Jetset:Im not especially fond of graffitti...
Casket/Damones:You should be in the pornos...
Jackpot/Equinox:Hope you will come...
Cubic/Interactive:I will recontact you soon...
Slash/Silents:Vart du kickad efter utrensningen???
Probe/Razor1911:Tyvarr var det max 512K...
Dune/???:Hmmm hope youll come to this massive event....
Lionheart/Circle:Vart e brevet din pedofil???
Cybepunk/Majic12:Tack for att du klipper vara graesmattor...
John Peel/Angels:Hmmm are u in both Damones & Angels or just in Angels???
Antex/Orient:Yello Danni how's life down there in the south???
 Pretty boring huh???
Majic Mushroom/Lemon.:How will it be??? Yes or No???
Scuba/X-Trade:Where did you go??? Recontact soon...                     -CONT->
Ceterus/Logic:Where the fuck did you go????
Aron/Agnostic Front:Hur gare med offerdjuren???
Deshay/X-Flex Productions:Im coming im coming...
Bender/Bytebusters:Jello A.J. nar kommer musicdisketten??
Cubik/Trance:Why are you so stupid???(Sorry just joking)
Desoto/????:Hur kanns det nu sahar efterat???
Omen/?????:Hit me' DATORN!!!!!
Uranus/MorfinMannen:Ni RULAR!!!!

Sylvester Stallone and Cliffhanger SUXX!!!!
And so do Whoopi Goldberg with MADE IN AMERICA do too...
ASH in the EVIL DEAD movies RULE!!! GROOVY!!!!

pheew nu orkar jag inte skriva mer ok, sorry to the forgotten
ones(loadsa!!!).. Bye!!!

Greets to all in ViTTuRaaL...

And always remember... SUBMIT TO YOUR FANTASIES...