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hi, and welcome to the vermin megademo. i am roxis and i'm very proud thati am allowed to write the scroll in the loader part of this megademo.first of all i wouldd like to say that we finnished the megademo just in time because of the vision-mirage demo competition. it took a lot of work but we made it anyway.thanks to panic for giving me moral support and having a new swapping contact. we hope that it will be better in the future. drax, still improving ?? you will never beat us !! coz we are the coolest !!  this is our first (mega)demo that is released on a party.and we hope that our demo will be fully spread so that the whole world knows that we are here to stay...    the instructions for the menu are very easy,just click on the block with a demo name printed in it. after the click the demo will be loaded and decrunched. it is our first demo releas so dont be to hard on us he ??? allright.we have been ran over by invitations to other copy-parties, and we think that we will show our face there too !! at least i think our megademo will be spread then,so enough people will know us then.   enough text for this sinusscroll. i have got to fill up some other scrolls too !!   so it is time to click a block !!! see yall !! roxis.................                  

yeah we made it just in time forD
the   viosAAsion and mirage copy party.D
first i will introduce ourselves,D
ftrAAAafter that i wil send some greetings,D
we are a new group called vAAD
as you already noticed.D
we have AAAAAAAAat the moment we have five members.D
tronix               coderD
roxis                AgfxmanD
msAaster d,           gfxmanD
ratbone           musAcisinAanOOOOOOsNcNNND
we still eed moireAAAre members....D
so if you would like to join us thenD
write to the folliAowing adrAdreeAAess.A=D
LN            tronixD
        snelliusstraat 15D
            490eA4 kkD
         oosterhout hollandD
if you have not been able to read thatD
so quickly then you will aAjaAAhave to lookD
in the contact part AD
if terreAAAAhere is one anywayAy.D
now it is time for some cooool greets..D
lets do it,,,,,,,,,D
greetings fAgo to.A=D
vision.A    AAA= thanl AAk you all for helping iAusD
         with the megademoD
new gold dream = AD
        hey rick when will the smaplerOOOOOOamNNNNNNNNNNNNNfor master d, be ready/D
outlaw = thanx to solo for some musicsD
         although we didnt usAAse them aalAAll          in this demo, that A is beacAAcauseD
         while making this demo a new           musician joindesAAAed us,,,ratbone.D
         i am glad he didLLLNNLuse them allMMMOOMLNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNO, we really            needed a cool guy like himD
drawAx = AAAAAAALMi am sorry about thataA,D
we dodAnt greeyAt lamers,,,,D
just a message =D
   ratbone was just too good gAfor youD
  that AsA is why he joindedAAAed us...D
but i am looking forward to see your   second demo, i hiopAAAope it will dAnot vAbe so  lame liekAAke the first one,D
crew 1A21 = i am sorry for you guys but            i am glad that peter joined             Aus A, ou Ar offer is still valid=     if you want to join us all or if       you want to cooperate   D
      just wAsay so....D
so far AAAAAAAthat were all my personal greetings,D
maybe roxis would klikeAAAAAlike to greet someD
groups too, i am afradAjdAAid he will haveD
t do tat AAAAAAAAo do that i another demo,,,,,D
i dont have much too say,,,,,,D
i guess i better wquAAAquitD
one final essageOOOOOOmessage=D
    AAif any coder would like to joinD
  us then just write to me.D
   Ame is tronjxAAix.D
  the address will follow A soon when i    sartAAAtart the extAAAtext again,,,D
i AAyou can also call me but then you haveD
to look up the phone number in the     phone book,nbAAbut i dont think that D
foraiAAeigners woulcAd like to call,          PD
thats all for this tieAmeD
hope you all enjoy teAhe party....D
                  signed tronixOOOOOOO=NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN