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yo dudes welcome to Athe circle twist partC from the vermin megademo   BCall coding done by tronix   BD graphix by roxis and the music by Aratbone     my name is roxis   the graphix freak ive got Cthe honnor to write this scrolltext to yaBD so take a seat and you will be kept busy for at least the next five minutes  AC the graphix in the megademo are made by rxs fct and master d   i like to thank facet this way for sending vermin an invitation to the vision mirage copy party     i think you really did a good job   it took a long time butthanx anyway and we all hope the party is going to be a suBcces    not to mention the competitions you are gDoing tohold and i wont be taking part on the gfx contest because ofmy lame drawing  i havCent drawn a pictureA or logo formonths. you know the exams and girls    but this vandal is still active in the scene    graffitti is the best way of expression  filling up the walls with new slogans and chars well i like it   and i am getting better in it all the time   bBut that is different from the amiga     it sure is  AC     cave one  a very good friend of mine and also a person who is filling the walls    is my teacher in graffitti and i would like to thank him for learning me new styles and forms of letters   thanx the scm and nca posse will rule in the graffitti world   D and now one of the last lines i guess from this circle twist Cpart can you still read it motherfucker   sorry for such a cruel word but i just like it  not only the way you write it but also the way you say it   Bthe scroll is pretty shit coz of the lame coding tronix didA   what is a scrolltext without a point char and Da question mark  B if you think that Athis scroll is going to tell you some Cgreetings then you are pretty fucked up coz this scroll is already ove