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 use joystick to control the scroll     and here is another part from the megademo also under my command coz i am typing the text  @ (roxis) @  i think that this megademo isnt that bad for a beginners group  the credits for this part are: font (changed by tronix because it was drawn in 2 many colors) and the logo by roxis  blocks & font in the middle drawn by master d   coding by tronix and that is not the only thing what about the music ? ratbone a guy nobody has ever heard of presents ya his music in the @ vermin megademo @ and i think that he is a good musician !!! and so is blo from vision  (bens lovely orgasms ?) he is cool @ i am cool @ 7up is cool @ and when you hear the music from little unknown groups you have to admit that they are not cool !!  because of the bad rhythm feeling but also the used samples i mean what do you think of a very slow music and then suddenly a sample shouting: alfred jodocus kwak ??  i think it is lame   and my only advice is >keep trying !!< the guys from microbe are def but their music is very strange in a way!  you cant compare it with the music you hear in demoslike the ones from red sector and rebels coz it hasno basic ground rhythm and there is little change that such musics will be used in demos  and because of that i think it is a waist of time to make a musics like that @  maybe i am a motherfucker myself coz of fucking up these guys but its a free land and i can write and say and walk where i want and if you dont like it >too bad, heinz sandwich spread  in your bed ?<     ah here is still a line that isnt fully written yet so let me finnish it   i will now give the word over to a complete stranger but maybe this will change in the future      yo guys !! this is jugger of panic typing  now i am on the vision mirage copy party and i must say that i have a very nice time here !!! i hope you like this (great) megademo (because i like thismegademo too!) ok bye for now and always remember:panic   bottles ahead !!!! roxis is back on the set and wont let you down anymore till the end reaches !! @ now a little dictation to a dear girlfriend who is now my girlfriend  yet ?!?!    marieke pretty girl make my day  and show me your love so that i will return to the legal way     and if you dont want me girl you just have to say  so that i can continue my own way    what a great rhymebut this time it was written by roxis  graffitti writer from the scm (smooth city movement) maybe you will see us in tilburg one time      enough text bey     roxis(vermin)  and keep in mind @ it takes a nation of millions to hold us back @  ..