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here it is    the animated bobs part    first of all i would like to say that i am pissed off because ofthe fucking charset thats used in this part  no marks and numbers  shit   what a way to typ a scroll    lets make the best of ithre we go       all coded by tronix of verminthe logo that was already used for a compilation disc was drawn by me roxis    font and the bobs were made by master d      the music wascomposed by ratbone      this time its a demo made in several hoursbecause it had to be finnished before the demo competition started  we worked very hard to finnish this demo but thats already knowni suppose after reading the other scrolls       we are very glad wemet some new contacts at this party here   some new contacts areat the end of century 1990    legend triumph    gotcha of highlight        desire    panic    pussy  savage    and the guys from mirage      this party isnt over yetso i will make some more new friends i hope      all the texts inthis megademo were typed at the party because of the time we hadleft   it is ofcourse strange to type so much shit at a party andnot to let other kidz  sorry  guys write    but as tronix waspushing us very hard we had to do it fast    and now see the result of typing     does it satisfy you     no    i hoped it didnt      this partyis very crowded so i guess there will be a lot of new releasesalso a fact is that vision and mirage did a very good job organizingthis party   i think its a big succes   but what does my opinionmean     enough shit talk now   the greetings for the megademo are  new gold dream   microbe   drax   vision   mirage   legend   end of century 1990    pussy   panic   quartex    outlaw    savagethe special brothers and all we dont know yet      i hope this willchange in the future coz we still need more contacts to survive inthe hard world of the demos and new releases      our adresses canbe found in the megademo itself so dont panic    just a joke    aboutthe adresses    we like everything thats worth looking at     roxis and tronix signing off now       keep in mind that it takes a nation of millions to hold us back