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yoooo dudes and mates, dr. chaos is proud to present his first intro released on the 09.11.91. i did this piece after 16 days of learning to code. i think its nice, but not good. now i will welcome all freaks in our norwegian division. i hope ya will have a nice and productive time in unlimited. but now i will stop writing this text coz i think you are waiting for the greetings....  abusive, accept, action, agnostic front, analog, armageddon, atomic, balance dk., black robes, chrome, cult, danger prod., defcon one, devils, dream warrior, exort, exult, frantic ger., grace ger., grace nw., hardline, hysteric, hypnotic, iris nw., jetset, masquerade, massive, mega powers, panic, pirates, prime, ram jam, rebel team, reflectors, renegate, shirkhan, society, specialized, splash, talent, tech, the electronic knights, titan bytes, toxic track, tpc (ibm pc), trackers, treacl, the special brothers, visual bytes, xenox, x-trade, zenith....... and to all we forgot, coz we do not have the complete greetingslist               

InterruptReplayer (C) by Dexion in 1990     Anne Clark RULES!