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"3Dscandal, scandal!!!! you know guenther kraemer (bladerunner) the author of the copyprogram fast'emš he is a thief, because he uses in his fast'em the original fast lightning copyroutines, they are exactly the same byte for byte. give him a kick, if you meet him .............  but now ........ unit a and rage & dynamic systems proudly presents interceptor! original by rage, cracked by unit a on 02/06/88.  thanks to the next generation.    note: this was crack number 41 of 50 in all, crack number 50 is the end of unit a and our last one !!! fast lightnings to: abc, axxess, bitstoppers, bitkillersoft, bamiga sector one &  kent team, champs, defjam, hqc, hotline, knight hawks, lord blitter, lightforce, major rom and quadlite, movers, mr zero page, mr ram & executer, phr-crew, paramount, rsi & mzp, steel pulse,  tlc, the new masters, the web inc., visitors, warriors of darkness and all the others we know ........ diz says, that mark ii's music is always the best !!!                                          press right mousebutton to exit!