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               welcome to the first release in the year 1992 of the two live crew
  ```leander```  the final from psygnosis`   cracked trained and intro coded by 
the shadow freak`  intro design and graphics by the invisible rise`   if you want
 to use the trainer optinons press  f1```f6 keys during game to select your weapons`
   the f7 key for unlimited lives and f8 for the mega amor`   the code for world 2 
is zxsp`  for world 3 type lvft`   thanks to rap for the original game`   special 
greetings to{ sledge hammer  union lizard and mrc`    yaeh^  we wish all two live 
crew fans a happy new year`   and now the greetings to{ vision```  synergy```  
tuete```  jcc```  the unknown genius```  uhp```  crb```  skid row```  the company```
  crystal```  efg```  rmc```  tristar```  red sector```  def jam```  struppi```  
aru```  angels```  genesis```  red baron``` black picture```  andy```  quartex```  
mc major```  pcs```  dresden boys```  flb```  and all other freaks in the business`
   press left mousebutton to continue^   release date{ 7`januar 1992  chemnitz from
 the east side of germany^                text warp