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yo dudes                                
our greetings are this time going out to
following cool groups...                
perfect illusion-opium-offworld         
no limits-new dimension-network         
harman kardon-genocide-gate-exotic men  
exit-excess-excalibur-euphoria-dual crew
cycron-cult-cinefex design-byterapers   
action 1                                

this is very incomplete version.        
so please give us a kick if we missed ya
some specials coming up later...        
and dont forget to contact us for the   
very corrupted swapping. just send nice 
letter and disks. we dont steal them.   

this little demo is result of the
fight against the time. can mr.t and
devil get their routines ready before the

   i think they made it 

a message from mr.t to devil
 i was quite amazed when my machine
 typed out of memory error...
 nice joke..  he he    

and to eliminator
 make the hells bells.

and one to phantom
 draw something....

and to black sky
 make those equs little bit smaller...

to rawer
 dont hurry so much....

this demo is released at no limits and
imp 666 party in norway

some special snaps from rawer to...

punisher of harman kardon team...
   yo dude.i just noticed that i 
   have harman kardon stereo in 
   my room. wanna buy. see ya... 

jaffo and the predator of twilight
   hi guys. the future of this demo
   is in your hands now. keep up the
   cool work.

bustman of crusaders...
   keep the packs coming. hope to see
   this in one of them. bye.

   trying to be smart eh. sounds lame.
   dont wanna hear about ya anymore.

also hips to
acidman.xor.alfred.dr psycho.silverghost
globe.cobra and to rest of those fuckers
i happen to know......bye