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yo dudes after a long time the trackers are back with a brandnew beer production !! the time of lazyness is over and the time of a boring screen too !! S                    yeah that looks definatly better doesnt it ?? at first of all we want to give ya the instructions. this little rip contains 3 little parts ?? and its up to you to switch between them while pressing space !! in the part with the real big unrealpic you can stop and start the sinus movement with the cursor keys we are sure you find out how to control the big picture its up to you to play a little with this small rip !!  and we  will try to entertain you with some cool and interesting text !! at first we like to introduce ourselves name is devil and i have the great job to type this crap in bautys compu and the attentive reader will already know the name of the second guy sitting beside me !! and for the sleeping readers his name is bauty !! so thats all you should know ?? and we think that we let restart thiz text now......           shit man whats that ?? it doesnt work....who in the hell is responsible for the coding ?? we have nothing to do with thiz little mistake. we are unhappy to tell ya that. we must type text till the end of memory !!! that makes exactly 77.5 kbyte !! anyway not a nice job . so prepare for a long ... longer ... the longest boring text for your computer ever written !! of course a brainless trackers production . what else !?! at first and the most importend is the current memberlist because some things had changed !!  memberlist in alphabetical order ..... andy..gfx , bauty..coder , devil..coder , ozone..coder..gfx , raf..gfx , shadow..muzak?? , the chosen one...gfx , the mumuh..muzak !!      as you may notice delorian was kickn out ! because he is unable to work in this team !! this and other facts are the reasons for this decision ! so delorian is no longer a trackers member !!   hihi              some personal messages  .....the mumuh keep on creating cool muzak !! waiting for your future composer song !! shadow are you still alive ?? we are sorry that you cant press this demo away fastly like our other demos !!?? sorry anyway. the chosen one     at first the name is to long , too much to write ! he keep on pixeling such great logos. andy hope to see your mega horror cover picture soon ! ozone thanks for the logo at the top and for the fast needed intro ! raf cool pictures but still old ones. whats about new ones ??                  hey champ of pegasus what do you think about this ? we think you should call us soon !! hi warlord impressive logos you made and hello to trashcan thanks for many cool stuff and for spreading this piece !! a big hello to all other pegasus members in fishtown !!               ahhh we think the restart option is fixed... yeah !!! great news !!! sorry thats all for now ! we dont have the power to write more text because .... ausfallserscheinungen , wie zufallende augen und terrorkopfschmerzen und tripper wie also auch und schlechthin.............   fusspilz   ......... und krumme finger............ vom titten .... eh tippen !!!!             ja ja wir koennen auch deutsch       und scrolltexte restarten wie du jetzt siehst ....          restart                               restart                               restart                               r e s t a r t                         r e s t a r t  ! !                   leckz mie doch am arsch ..               

reaching for the new star called the trackers