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 Moin, moin. This is a little remark of Bauty: the BONUS TRACK (last song in the box) was done by OZONE. The rest of the text was written .... I think you would find it out by yourself ........             Yeppah !! There are the everlasting Lonestar and the mighty Mumuh of THE TRACKERS presenting yaz THE MUSICBOX with zax done by The Mumuh and me, Lonestar. Credz :  As already said, the zax were done by The mega-monster-terra-yoghurt-mighty Mumuh and the everlasting, incredible, exhalted, elevated, unbelievable, ammmmazing, sacred, praised, blessed, hallowed Lonestar....Coding by inconspicious little Bauty and all the trivial Gfx by the unimportant TCO, except for the loading picture which was done by an ex-member of THE TRACKERS, R.A.F. Hope u will rejoin our group, because we want you... As u c, this scrolltext is called    >>> THE VENGEANCE OF MUZAXIANS <<<         4 always being called at the last position in former credz...hehehe everyone got his ego-trip, why we should not also have one...?? Hope u enjoy our brilliant pieces of muzax ... Now lets have sum greetx right here... oh...sorry we have lost the fucking greetxlist so lets just write sum more shit .... By the way, the number of TRACKERS-members might increase by one soon... There is sum STRANGER here in town who wants to join TFP (Trackers For Presidents ...?!) Message to Bauty : Do not mess around with our sacred scrolltext for we will dub you a lamer otherwise.... and a message to all the others who boldly read our scrolltext : neither we nor any other member of THE TRACKERS FAME PRODUCTIONS IN 1991 will take responsibilty in whole or parts, by any means for those who are cripples for lifetime due to reading either this or any other scrolltext...And do not 4get : to be fame or not to be lame, that is the question (quotation : shakesbecks) ... If u want to contact us kick a package with a box of Becks to : PLK 012658 D   W-2850 Bremerhaven 31   Germany                 ...But remember only legal wares (and beers) !! Message to Precise, sum other local ... Group !? What is up? Where the heck is ya demo? U wanted to release it a long time ago... if we are right...and we surely are !! Hope u gonna release it on Amiga 91 !! ... Thats all ... Memberlist in order of capriciousness and random (We rolled a dice for each member except for us): Lonestar and The Mumuh (Muzaxians), Devil (Fun-Coder), Ozone (Multi-Coder and a little bit of Muzax), Cyclone (Fame-Coder), Chapman (Swapman), TCO (Gfx and Organizer), Andy (Gfx), Bauty (Fun-Coder) ...That are all members of THE TRACKERS FUN/FAME/FOR PRODUCTIONS/PRESIDENTS in the year of 1991... As it seems, u still seem to be alive thus u have survived our text. So this is the very end....LONESTAR AND THE MUMUH OF TFP SIGHING OFF !!!!              .........WARP  !!......                 Stop !! Chapman of TRACKERS sends at last some special greetings to Doc Ice/TSB, Amok/COMA and Jugger+Al Capone/PANIC.           normal one to: targets, sanity, treacl, panic, frantic, the special brothers, prong, energy, action, trygon, argon, admirals, decade, masquerade, elicma, hypnotic, adept, the metal team, flashlight design, vogue, desire, cytax.......