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BNB                                                       E      NB                                                                                                  E       NB                                                                                                                                   E NB                           hi there !   here comes more text to pump up your stupid brainsE !!                      NB     lean back and enjoy this old piece of coding .   to code in a team is not a dream, but makes a lot of funE                        NB  text pleaze !!!     yeah, that works really great!  E       NB      credits?? got ya !! the gfx is wonderful,right ???  anyway now its enough !!do ya heard meE ???                     NB                        the best scroll? this is no question! its me !!!       E               NB                      haha, dont believe him                   E       NB                                    perhaps the sinusscroller is better, but i am faster !!                                                                                                                                                               E                 NB            vectorgraphics ... we hate them! boring, stupid, lame, easy to make, no action - no satisfaction...            -+  Etrackers  +-  NB                                                                                                E                        NB ok. thats it. the time is 15.47 and we want to start  E         NBthe other trackersmembers drive away in this moment. we (devil and bauty) will following soon !!E das wars!                 @

 oh oh oh nooooooo !!! i~m the really best scroller   can~t beat the feeling . see you later crocodile ...                          

                          yes the oldest team in bremerhaven,germany strikes back with a new release  got it goin on ..........        no it`s me, isn`t it ......                            @

  tttttttttt    tttttttttt    ll        
  t   tt   t    t   tt   t    ll        
      tt            tt        ll        
      tt            tt        ll        
      tt            tt        ll     l  
     tttt          tttt       llllllll  
    ..return of the living death..      
 yeah thiz is for all the nonbelievers  
   but now its time for the real cure   
thiz is the official party demo from ttl
  as you may notice we are still alive  
          scrolling  pleaze !!          
 ...ohne scroll waers nicht so doll...  
          before you quit ...           
          ...we show you                
         the creditz shit !!!           
feelings...nothing more than feelings ??
         competition time !!!           
   ...who is the best scroller ????     
       vectorgraphic must be there      
          cause anybody has it          
      becks beer makes it possible      
     here is something from the old     
        the classic verticalbars        
      verticalbars not nightbars...    @