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                          A the trackers presents  .... the royal amiga force party intro !!!!!                                                 B           A especially for the royal amiga force conference ... sum credz cumin uppa..... coding performed by    ozone  .... gfx dun by     andy ..... and sound by ozone.     ---and now uppa to sum serious text as every sensible creature would like it....!?!! Byullo folxx, this is the everlasting lonestar hanging  over the keys... Here sum kinda party report... Bwell this party is, to tell the truth, extremely cool for by now there has only been one power breakdown and the party keeps running for 5 hours...a remarkable result, compared with the treacl-panic-paddie....Asum of us first had sum probs finding de you might have got to know, we have been releasing another demo today, it should, if everything went ok have taken part in the demo-competition but the place is unknown yet....stay puft for plenty of packs dun by chappy and me for i hope to get my loadermenu soon... that`s all of the shit i had to l8r pals and fare thee well...    the everlasting lonestar of the trackers sighing off....   Ayoix guyz here is Cchapman of the trackersA !!! Band i only want to greet storm of prime and jugger ! nice boozing dudez ! thiz paddy is really cool, but the they are playing is really shit !!!! and the dutch beer tastes like piss !!! but nice girls in amsterdam. i really hope that the demo-comp starts soon, coz i think trackers get a really high place ! and lonestar gave a really cool sound for the music-comp ! now chapman of the trackers signs off.....   special greets are flying over to: doc ice of the special brothers, al capone and jugger of panic, storm of energy and amok of coma !!! normal ones to: panic, coma, frantic, masquerade, prime, treacl, sanity, hypnotic, action, elicma, targets, argon, the special brothers, defcon one, decade, adept, trygon, flashlight design, admirals !!!                                                                                       @