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    welcome to mystery !!!     

   *****  the  credits  *****   
 coding,objects,design:  cryzor 
 music:               electrode 
 graphics:               flex   
  we would also like to welcome 
  our new gfx-artist: galactus  
  we are still looking for more 
 members,especially good coders 
are needed.if you are interested
 you can write to following add-
 resses...       hit mouse !!!  
         harri marjamäki        
         sf-21500 piikkiö       
         marko laine            
         kottarmäentie 4        
         sf-21500 piikkiö       
both addresses also for swapping
      left mb to continue.      

       yo, let the bass kick !   yep, this is electrode giving you a little 
tip about this part...   press the right mousebutton to change the plasma-
movements and both buttons to exit. i guess it's time for the greetings...  
here we go :   amaze  arise  astrogate  atomic  black robes  budbrain  
byterapers  chrome  dexion  draco  epidemic  grace  heavy duty  image  
magic pixels  offworld  omega  paramount  palace  prime  royal amiga force  
scaramanga  underworld  zeus  and  zone 7... yep,i really hope that nobody 
was forgotten. hmmm...what do you think about this techno-muzak ?? i guess 
it doesn't fit so good to this kind of demo, but who cares ??! i tested this
 tune also in a disco and it sounded so good..(atleast i think so)....yep,i 
guess it's cryzor's turn to write something....i'll stop now...feel the 
bass !!     yoho,i just send some messages...   dr.baker:   i hope you will 
join titanbytes !   galactus:  good desicion to join us,maybe i'll use your 
graphics next time.   mint:   nice gfx,i hope you'll join us too !   pet of 
dexion:   i'm still waiting for my disx.   hawkeye of static bytes:  same to
 you !    ok,that's it.   bye bye !!!            warp...