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yo guys !!!! in this scrolly we only send some golden handshakes to: vision factory (hi tsh !!!), m.a.d, robotech, 
prong (yo gemini, cool graphix, but try it again with some flens !!!), mindkillers, animators (hi jeff !! yar sound 
is yar life !!), cytax, the silents uk, the special brothers (hi alloc ! hope to meet ya on the cebit !!!), 
amiga industries + freedom force, bytebusters (hi wizard !!!), catelite, alienation, zombie boys, system 5, venom 
(yo mister l. !!!), skylight, cyborgs, humanoids, the bass (hi slasher !!!), alcatraz (yo edge !!!), success, 
spreadpoint, apex (hi tcd !!! born to be cool....), tcc of rsi (a big hi from mc mark dee to dr.c !!!), beyond brothers,
 doriath, thrill (hi strider !!!), gogo, zenith, reflex, legion 7, dark cooperation (yo btx !!!), a.p.c, mungo and 
specters + joy division. a mega shit-flop to ascenders (after losing all important members, the one and only member 
mustafuck added the lamest shitfaced mother-fucker named: headhunter (ex black mamba, ex mega-king) and thinks he 
is the famoust but we have to blame him, he is the  l a m e s t !!!)       at last the credits for this little intro: 
coding: flake (with some help from red scorpion)         graphix: mic         muzak: (composer unknown)           
signed off      time of perfects                         

     time of perfects