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   time of perfects   _ are back again with a new intro called    3d  vector-stars   _
move yar mouse guy !!!
at the moment we are sitting here on our second internal paddy.our guests are :
ex-scoopex germany and some dudes from tcc of rsi (dr.beat,evil and dr.c)
due to
the fact that scs and delta arent here we have no shitfaced drunkin people
here and no "kotze" from delta like the last the way our first
t.o.p - internal - paddy was absolutly cool !!! (flens is goil !!!)
but first of all some messies from our we go :
now some words from evil of rsi : hi boys free beer here !! hi ascenders,stop talking
shit about other people.otherwise you could get a hit from us !! have you
seen the ex-scoopex-germany-megademo ? its a goodie !! sorry ranger,but
you have failed !! remember,there wont be a second megademo from us (rsi)!!
look out for further demos from us in the later future!! signing off : evil
no risk no fun !!    moin folks, here is mr.soundwave of ex-scoopex-germansky
haeee ???? why ex-scoopex-germany ???? well,here comes the answer !!!!!!
our obercool-ex-master have seen our megademo (14 parts, about 3 disks)
and he said : sorry guys but i think its to lame to be released !!!!
but we have different opinion.... so we going to release our megademo with
another group (eg. spreadpoint,red sector or apex) ok. at last i send my
best waves to : red sector (hi evil,thanks for your criticism),
spreadpoint (hi slash,i wait for your call...),apex (cool friendship),
time of perfects (hi all,nice pardie...)...... and now mr.soundwave of
ex-scoopex-germany ends this boring text..................and daryl of
ex-scoopex germany is beginning again....hau weg die scheisse..gibts
hier noch irgendwo bier....tja ranger tut mich wirklich sorry..becoz of
our mega demo.......einem geschenktem barsch schaut man nicht in den arsch.
hohoho......or knusper knusper knaeuschen wer knabbert an meinem
haeufchen...hi hihi.....irre komisch.....the guyz are now sampling and i am
going to end this boring text ever made...
now predator of ex-scoopex beats the keys !! all i have to say is:
fuck for ascenders !!_they are not cool at all with their 9600 in hannover
because there is the fucking guy called negaking who only says shit
about other groups !!! fuck off, bloodie sucker !!! 
watch out for some gfx from me in our megademo !! andnow i leave the
keyboard to
the one and only leader
of time of perfects :        s.k.soft      _ take the control over this fuckin keys.
yyyyooooohhhhooooo boyz and girlies !!!! is ja zu grosszuegig
das auch mal einer von t.o.p an das keyboard darf.har har har !!!
(ist schliesslich unser intro !!!)
i think its time for our actually memberlist :      red scorpion     _   
(coder),         flake         _   
(coder),        s.k.soft       _  
(coder,swapper),      mc mark dee      _   
(musician),        murry b.       _   
(musician,graphix-wizard),         angel         _   
(graphix-wizard,swapper),          mic          _   
(graphix-wizard,swapper),         iceman        _   
(graphix-wizard,driver),         nobody        _   
(also graphix)    its goin to be boring.too much graphix-wizards.
if ya wanna contact us (for swapping the hottest ware or join our crew) write
to :      plk 010579 b     _   3013 barsinghausen  _      west-germany     _  some
special yohos to : prong , vision , tml , venom (hi mister l !!) , vision factory (hi kevin
and tsh !!) , tcc of rsi (nice paddies with ya !!!) , robotech , hqs , avenger , subway , poison , dream vision ,
mad , the special brothers , omen , prism , apex (hi tcd !!!) , new gold dream ,
the flame arrows , the web inc. , powerslaves , megadeath
and to all our friends and contacts we forgot !!! by the way a
big mega-hi from murry b. to capitan cruncher ii
and other men and womans on the yellow school !
now mc mark dee is hitting the keys : after recording some samples with
dr.c and soundwave i have to write the "frust" of me : the guys
over there are talkin about a lamer called mega king (sometimes black mamba
doctor spacely e.g.)  by the way some fucks to him... in the next time we
will work on a muzak-disk which will be released on the cebit in hannover!
o.k. sucks i think its time to end thiz brainless scrolly.ooops !!!! i
(s.k.soft) forgot a mega-kiss to       anika !!!       _ so,thats enough for today.
bye,ciao and see ya.......