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AD    the wanderers CB presEents their first demo.     this is the business scroll!!  if you are looking at the bottom 
of the screen, you will find the greetings!! well, the wanderers is a new group that consists some old members of arise 
and mci. the memberslist :D  big boy (spreader,manager) - -  interface 4 (demo-factory) - -  kid stardust (coder) - -  
evil lord (graphics,swapper) - -  poldi (coder,swapper)E.  the B credits: demo done by interface 4, scrolltext written 
by big boy and interface 4 - music done by tar of threat (megathanks for this megasoundtrax!!! yeah, we all like it ! 
nice work, tar !E)    interface 4 is a demo factory built by 150% (peter)  and mma of the old mci (which is now dead). 
150% was the coder and mma the sound and graphix man, but you can see us as 1 person     if ya wanna swap some pieces of 
the hottest with us then write to one of the following adresses:     A postfach 1731    6500 mainz  west-germany   B
(big boy)   or:A   plk 072863c   6720 schweinfurt    west-germany B  (evil lord)  but dont forget to enclose some disks!!
      attention!!   we are still searching for new members.  so if ya are a coool graphix-man, soundmagician, swapper, 
cracker or coder then pleeze contact one of our swapadresses.     hmm, i think its time to give the keys to big boy 
who wants to bring out some messages: ok big boy is ruling the keys... first i wish to bring out a message to a fucking 
lamer called lakers  (members of double density crew, or?) :  i will tell you this message in german... du arschloch hast
 interface 4 (ex mci) 9 komplett leere disketten geschickt,  und ihn beauftragt die disketten mit neuester soft zu fuellen.
 wir fragen uns nun natuerlich was du dir dabei einbildest einfach so etwas zu verlangen. wenn deine sozialhilfe nicht 
langt um bei deinem softwaredealer deine ach so benoetigte neue soft zu kaufen, dann tust du mir wirklich leid. falls 
es dir entgangen sein sollte, das in der scene normalerweise software getauscht wird und nicht erbettelt, dann bist du 
derD groesste lamer, looser oder was es sonst noch gibt, des  universums.E diese mitteilung ist nur an dich gerichtet 
und nicht an den rest von ddc welche selbst daran schuld sind, wenn sie so einen deppen wie dich in ihre crew aufnehmen. 
im uebrigen kannst du dir deine leeren drohungen von wegen ihr seid `out of business` sparen, da wunschtraueme bekanntlich
 nie in erfuellung gehen. ok, now lets continue in english and i give the keys over to the cool guy called mischa (ex mma)
. . . . . . . Dyeeeeaaaahhh !!E     now mischa is sitting on the keyboard and i want to talk shit and crap !!   yes, its 
time to talk shit again. . . . this time i wanna tell you how we programmed our first demo (mci) . . .  the first demo 
was programmed in a real tomb ! that means in my grandfather hobby-room.  the hole room was equipped with death animals, 
old fures and a strange rot-smell was in the air. (uuurggh)  every hour my  grandfather send his terrible smelling dog 
to us. in this atmosphere we produced our first and last demo as mci.  it was a big wonder that we have finished it after 
3 days, because at the second day peter smoked in the sacred room of the great [oberfoerster] . so we had to leave this 
nice chamber . .... ok .... enough of this shitty talking .   hmmmm      no idea anymore . . .  i only can talk shit !  
what shall i do ?!  hey peter ! what is up ?!   i have no idea !    ok. lets give the keys to me !  - -  yeeee, the 
coding part of interface 4 is back. well, time for a joke.... a women comes to a gynecologist and says : `i have a knot 
in my bosom`    the gynecologist: `hey, who has done that ?`    hahahahaha CC  great joke, but a bit stupid      a bit 
funny: this is the first time i have written  a demo for a scrolltext, and not a scrolltext for a demo. i had just finished 
the scrollroutines when the scrolltext was done. next time i will crunch my demos before writing them.... well, if ya 
wanna contact interface 4 (but not for swapping !!!!) then write to : A  plk 033627d 6360 friedberg 1   B once more: this 
adress is not for swapping. at the moment big boy is with mischa in competition to find the most shitty demo. what ?!  
ya found it ?   yeah, what is it ? what ?   mine ?!   ey ya pissheads, dont insult my great work !!!           ok, big boy 
is again ruling the keys of this dirty computer from peter (interface 4)  i wanna wish my really best friends called    
static   C that they get the same standard on amiga as on c 64 (static is one of the most powerful groups on c 64). some 
words to some contacts and friends of mine: hey oliver (tar of threat) are you still looking pornos ? i send you some of 
the newest, soon. the last backsending of pornos has arrived after 3  weeks!! our post in mainz is really lame! hey andre 
of exeptions, how do you like this one? call me if you get it (you will get it as one of the) first guys) hey sinan (a.i.) 
hope you like this to dirk of dueco ent. the last weekend i visit you it rain all the time! fuck! but i hope you have told
 your friend that his crack protection of his games is not so good as he thought! as the standard from other protection 
on c 64 it is really lame! send soon the tapes with the music from the metalgroup vendetta! i will send some tapes with 
music from rouhg! see you in summer... hey morrissey of noble house, please send no stuff wich is older than 3 days! 
(the last sending was about 2 weeks old!) a message from peter (ex-150%) he sends soon a tape for some smiths records.  
send faster back.... ok, that was it, i will tell you something about swapping with me! if you write to my adress i dont 
answer letters without disks and please no lame guys! they will get there disk back without stamps on the envelope! i have
 not enough money to pay stamps for lamersends! now peter will nerve you with some bullshit again.....   no, i dont want 
to nerve you with bullshit... i never use to do that. fuck. i have got no ideas for this fantastic scrolltext (joke ?!). 
lets talk about one thing that all amigafreaks like to talk about:   a lame shit computer called  Aatari st   B  do you 
know what the `st` means ?! well, st is put together of the first and the last letter of one of the mostly used words in 
the world: Ashit    B yes. you can believe it. st is the short form of shit.    today i was in a new computershop in my 
hometown to buy some new disks. well, i got them and went to the cash-table to pay them. but what must i see ?    an  
atari st.  they use an st as a cashregister. but as usual: the st didnt work. the poor guy had to type the product-number 
of the disks for three times until the st got it and then he registrated only 1 packet, but i had bought two of them. so 
all the procedure had to restart. `but the user was lame, unable to use an st` now some st users maybe will say. but the 
user was a freak ( like everybody could see) and no beginner who has seen his first keyboard that day..... big boy is back 
on the screen now. the time is now 12.15 pm and we took some hours of sleep i had a nice dream of some fucking st users! i 
dreamt that i got one of this lousy guys and i hanged him up... enough about st guys, i will tell a little joke (in german)
.....warum duerfen in der ddr die leute ohne fuehrerschein fahren?... weil man auf einem umzaeunten gelaende ohne fahren 
darf!!            ok.... enough scrolltext for this time... signed off big boy and interface 4                             
     eeehhh.. what are you waiting for ???    the text is ended, it will restart soon !                still there ?!  
well, if you dont know how to leave this demo, its easy: just press the left mousebutton                                    
                  you are a bit stupid, arent you ? hm, if ya wanna read the text once more, here it comes :         

                                                               hello to:           arise  piranhas antarticaalpha-fl. the it  boys byterap.   nnt    team x    lazer  exeptions threat   static  vision f.and b.b. quadlite quarterl.   
bci team  axenon   genesis top swap nova inc.flashteamavalachne   rad   noble ho.