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       ...    cool logo    cool music    cool colour fx    cool bobroutine
 that is all you need for a new cool hightech demo by  the supply team !!!
  like always we are proud to present    cool as ever !  
   all cool codings by chess!     the name of the sound is roll-
over  and it was composed by rambones !        as you can see 
 we always apply for the highest standard demos  so we are proud to show you  
 another masterpiece of coding        the supply team    a name of danish
 and  german quality    every lamer knows us on c64 and amiga  , bcoz we are
 one of the oldest groups in the whole world and suroundings      now we give 
you a chance to contact us , bcoz you wanna swap with us , we are totally
 sure you want that !!!     you are not lame , i know that, so you can write
 to this adress    .... we wait a moment ....   get a pencil and a piece
 of paper ... .. .   .   here we go...     chess of tst      plk 132824 c 
  2350 neumuenster   germany       you wanna call me     here it is   
  *  frg - (0)4321 - 15096  *  (dirk)    dont speak turkish , bcoz i cant speak
        got that !   $%^    we think  it is time for
 the boring hip hops    we greet only our best and coolest contacts    
  so if you dont find your name or group   be faster or cooler......but 
dont worry  be happy  hehehe    so here it is   ....     ....  bamiga sector 
 1   -   thrust   -   trilogy   -   red sector and defjam   -   megaforce france
   the other hundred megaforces   -   quartex   -   world of wonders   -   stack
 and  x men   -   deathstar   -   knight hawks   -   sunriders   -   ackerlight   
-   tristar   -   wildcopper   -   ian and mic   -   ipec   -   beastie boys   -
   triangle  -  bloodsuckers  -  level one  -  unit a
   -   black division   -   luke of swat  -   exizus   -    nemesis import  -  the
 supervisors  -  genesis projekt   ...   null bock   to write more   it is boring
 enough to write so much on this fucking screen  !    a nice greeting to
 hurricane   for the first startings in assembler  hey man   this demo is
  a production of my! brain   u understand    ...    so if you have square
 eyes   you better stop this demo now , bcoz i dont take over the guarantee
 for your new glasses    over and out !!!!!!!!!!   mip!        got the right
 man   go to the spreaders    go to the supply team      you get a new chance
    ...                bye    see you again in another masterpiece of demo !
                          ....     $%^            text by chess and remo !!