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 AGAIN!!! >>>> THE MOVERS <<<< proudly presents Knight Orc!   Now we introduce our crew: MANAGEMENT & SWAPPINGS: Drago & AMAdeus   PROGRAMMING & CRACKINGS: Guruwizzzard   SPREADING: Skylab    At the moment on C64: Zoff   MANAGEMENT & SWAPPINGS in Canada and in the States: R G B   ...>>>> THE MOVERS <<<<... in 1949!!!  Our greetings to:   E.C.A   The Kent Team   Next Generation   CPU   Delta Force   Enterprise   The Bitstoppers   BS1   BBS  ACA   Digital-Arts   A.C.S (Australia)   CRM Crew   SCA   A.C.S (Germany)   HQC   Danish Gold   Kenwood   Red Sector   SSI   1001 Crew   BKS   TCS   Triad   Spreadpoint   JCT   Action 2009   Explorer   BLS   Amigo   TLC   Starfrontiers   PC   TIB  .......                               

               Knight Orc!