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KARATE KING final version cracked by >>>> THE MOVERS <<<< on 27/07/1987 !Now THE MOVERS presents you a list of games coming out in a few weeks: Goldrunner   Mouse Trap   King of Chicago   Gran Slam (new version)   City Defence   Elevator Action   Garrison   Vader   Final Mission  ... Now the greetings from the mega mighty >>> THE MOVERS <<< to:   E.C.A   The Kent Team   Bamiga Sector One   Next Generation   Supremacy   BBS   A.C.A   BST   Enterprise   King Tut   H.Q.C   Digital Arts   CRM Crew   S.S.I   S.C.A   A.C.S (Australia)   1001 Crew   Danish Gold   Destroyer   A.D.J   A.C.S (Germany)   BKS   Triad   T.C.S   Jazzcat   The General   The Light Circle   The Star Frontiers   Speed Lights   Spreadpoint    Red Sector .....