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City Defence new demo-version brought out by <<< THE MOVERS >>> in 1949!!! ....  Now we are also on the C64! Look out for new stuff on both systems, from the mega mighty << THE MOVERS >>, great in the world!!!  Members are:  Amadeus (Amiga)  Drago (Amiga)  Guruwizard (Amiga)  RGB Canada (Amiga C64)  Scanner (C64)  Skylab (C64)  Zoff (C64)...  Greetings to:   E.C.A   The Kent Team   Bamiga Sector One   The New Age   Delta Force   Supremacy   BBS   A.C.A   BST   Enterprise   King Tut   H.Q.C   Digital Arts   S.S.I   S.C.A   A.C.S (Australia)   1001 Crew   Danish Gold   Destroyer   A.D.J   A.C.S (Germany)   The General   The Light Circle   The Star Frontiers