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            ANALOG  AND  THE MAGIC ARTS  ARE PROUD TO PRESENT CYBERGAMMON          SPECIAL GREETINGS TO  VISION FACTORY -KAY-ANDREAS   FADE ONE-MERLIN-OLIVER   QUARTEX -MEGA MAN SELIM-   DUAL CREW -STOOKIE THANKS FOR THE SOUND-   BLACK MONKS -GREG-   JOY DIVISION   BOUNTY   SYSTEM 5   SPIRIT   APEX   CLONES   EXODUS   KEFRENS   ACCESS   ABANDON   SETROX   VISION ONE OF AFL   GALAXY OF AFL   BEASTIE BOYS   IBB   PORSCHE-NUKEBUSTER OF ACU   FRAXION   SCOOPEX   END OF GREETINGS           WE RULE THE WORLD LIKE NO ONE ELSE        RELEASED BY RUDI RATLOS OF          THE MAGIC ARTS              FOR CONTACT ANALOG              THEN WRITE TO:                 PLK 145578 E                4200 OBERHAUSEN 1        FOR CONTACT THE MAGIC ARTS          THEN WRITE TO         (HQ)     PLK 052135 D     (HQ)         4300 ESSEN 1         OR TO:   PLK 145577 E                4200 OBERHAUSEN 1      OR TO:   PLK 045363 D                  4700 HAMM 5          OR TO:   PLK 063209 C                  5000 KOELN 90              ALL IN WEST GERMANY                                                                         CONTACT US FAST