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 S3  alpha flight   W1          and        W1    the magic arts   W1       present              barney mouse    W3    cracked and trained by           rod        W3        my private regards wave again to   :         mr.plato     S3   hellrazor      agent orange      the white eagle      the diskette     scarface      all members of amnesia/usa and s1aw.... and all other cool dudes who know me..........       to all german guys : hope to see most of u on the bamiga sector one party on 18.11.89...!        ah, yes, we are searching for some really good  g r a p h i c  and  m u s i c  artists who would like to join us........ how to contact me ?   well, i am sorry, but if you want to get in touch with me you will have to write to fdt-afl... (plk 111501 c, 4000 duesseldorf)   (write a small note on the letter (- for rod - or something like that), so that they can see that zis letter is for me... (yeah!))            please do - n o t - contact - m e - if you only want to buy the latest stuff...    for this purpose you may write to     plk 068189 d    W4    3352 einbeck    W4    west germany    W2    (send a minimum of 3 discs and 3,50 dm per disc or send 40 discs (3 1:2 or 5 1:4) and 120 dm and you will get them all back filled with the newest warez..) if you don t want to send discs then add 2 dm for each 3 1:2 disc or 0,60 dm for each 5 1:4 disc.  (you will get 100 percent error free 2dd no-name discs. (new ones))             bye now from   rod-vanguard-afl  W4      official afl and tma business greets go to all contacts around the globe                special thanx must go to g.a.r.y of metropolis                               Y 
  greetinx to all contacts around the globe    special thanx must go to g.a.r.y of metropolis                               Y 

NO  YES    

       AFL & TMA  PRESENT  


 BEGIN WITH 0 LIVES    (!?!) 
 START LEVEL (ONE)           
 START LEVEL (TWO)           
  ---   START THE GAME    ---


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