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                One more chance                      * TED *                    
                Prisoner of love II  (The Letter)    * TED *                    
                Prisoner of love III (The Answer)    * TED *                    
                Houze Of Da Rice V1.1                * FOWL *                   
                Maledivian Dreams (Hy Frogger!)      * FOWL *                   
                THE CHAMPS Introtune-Remix           * FOWL *                   
                Blue Sleeeeves                       * FOWL *                   
                For L.I.S.A. (Insiders only!)        * FOWL *                   

                         THE HEARTBREAKERS are back !                           
 SONGS by Fowl and Ted Burning of THE HEARTBREAKERS.............................
 MAIN CODE done by Electron (independent).......................................
 ADDITIONAL CODE done by Chanel (independent) & Fowl............................
 DEZIGN by Ted Burning & Fowl...................................................
 MORAL SUPPORT by nobody, cos nobody thought we would make it !!!...............
(Who is nobody ? - Nobody is perfect ! - And who is perfect ? - NOBODY !) Aargh!
                               Simple Instructions:                             
               Touch the LEFT mousebutton and choose your music.                
                        Press BOTH mousebuttons to quit.                        
              Use CURSOR-KEYS or JOYSTICK to roll the text up/down.             
                    Use HELP-KEY to toggle auto-scroll on/off                   
                     But now let`s start the funscroll:                         
As Ted B.  took in the last musicdisk the opportunity to write the first part of
this  text, I'm now proud to say, that I managed to convince him, that this time
I  have  the  hard  job  to  introduce  you to this musicdisk.  Well, how to get
started:   Instruction  is  found  at your local toilet.  Just use the broom and
wipe your worries away, because we will entertain you with some Kb of pure text.
Our  last  musicdisk had a wrong replayer (hups!) and some minor errors (double-
hups!),  but I hope this is all fixed now.  Anyway, if you don't have it, then I
recommend to get it, because there is real funny toilet text!!!  I would like to
entitle this musicdisk 'We Ran Over Him'.  Why this silly name?  Well, the first
musicdisk  was  named  'We Brake For Nobody', and as we didn't brake for HIM, we
ran  HIM over.  Satisfied, or what?  If you don't swap with me and you don't get
crazy (!MAD!) letters from me, then you can't imagine how stupid/silly/MAD I am!
It's  true,  there is no chance to start a normal conversation with me, I always
have  the idea to kid you in any way.  You also can't imagine how hard it is for
me  to  speak  to  a  girl  in  my  (rough)  words.   They  always misunderstand
everything,  hehe.   Ok,  let's  stop this esnesnon and give you some greetings.
Here are my personal greets:                                                    
FROGGER OF MSI:  Yo cool buddy, aber warum schreibe ich Englisch?  Ist das nicht
eine  Ehre,  als  erster griets zu bekommen?  Naja, ich hoffe, KARL KOT wird ein
durchsch(...)lagender Erfolg, gelle?                                            
TSA  OF  CYBORX:  Noch so eine Witzkanone!  Was waere ich bloss ohne Dich? Deine
Briefe  erinnern  mich immer an Monty Pyton mit MAD und Don Martin gemixt!  Uff,
ich hoffe, Dir gefallen die tjunez, hae?                                        
TIMETHRUST  OF CYBORX:  Tach Jan!  (War das richtig?) Wir kennen uns zwar nicht,
abba, wen stoert's?  Keep on doing (Doing!) your great (greta?  Kreta?) demos!  
RACKLER  OF  WILDFIRE:  Joh great friend!  Mal sehen, ob ich das jemals gebacken
kriege,  eine  richtig  grosse Ladung Disks vorbeizuschicken. Aber kennt man ja:
Viele Disks, viel teuer, nix Geld, tjaaa, aber irgendwann mal,  floet...        
WARDEN  OF  ARISE:   Tach Holger!  Didn't you get ma latest parcel?  I posted it
some  weeks  ago.  Or did you stop your great AMIGA-work?  Hmm, schreib' mal und
schick' doch mal wieder die disks zurueck, bitte!!!                             
SKYFIRE OF ZONE:  Hallo Steffen!  Extra-Mega-Greetings an Dich, weil Du immer so
geile Sachen mitschickst!!!  Meet ya somewhen(?) somewhere...                   
CiBi  OF SHINING 8:  It's cool, it's great, it's ...  ehhh? Wie hiess die Gruppe
noch  mal?  Naja, keep on sending great stuff!!!  Bis denn. Tschuess Jens, ehh..
Heinz, ehh...  Du weisst schon...  !!!!!!!!UWE!!!!!!!!                          
SKEZ  ONE  of ???:  Yoh Mike!  Lang nix gehoert, hier, oder wie?  Was'n los?  No
time, no bock, no ???  Send me soon some words of you, good old friend!!!       
OLIVER K.:  Jupp, dudeldumm, Tach auch!  Keep on sending LOADS of stuff!!!      
THE FACE INC.:  Hi!  Schreib' doch mal laengere Briefe, hier, oder was?!        
And a MEGAGREAT (coool!) HappyHippo to my good old pal (NTSC?) Sinnlos 54       
oder 61, oder so... Wat is los, hae? Auch kein Bock mehr auf Computer? Naja, wat
macht die Weibsenschaft? Hart und heftich? Ich HOFFE es! ReReRecontact me!!!    
Well,  that  was  it  for  the  greetings.   I just wrote down the names as they
appeared  in my little brain.  If you are missed, your fault!!!  Then you didn't
send  for  a  long  time!   Next time you'll be included, if you remark it, ok!?
Personal  hellos  to L.I.S.A.  (only for insiders, grins!) and Philippa.  I just
can't get enough, hehehehe...                                                   
Well,  seems,  that  one  guy  is disappointed now...  And  I know his name: Ted
Burning!!!   Ok,  ok,  especially  for  you a very, very, very great yohoooo for
being  a  good friend and for the times, we spent together.  Thnx for calling me
nearly   every   week,   for   coming   nearly   every  week  (for  paying  high
Politessen-bills  every  week),  and  for having done this great musicdiskseries
possible.  THANK YOU GOOD OLD PAL!!!                                            
Well,  we  (The  Heartbreakers)  have  got a little problem:  we urgently need a
coder  for  some  funny  projects  in the near future.  So if you think you hard
enough  to  stand  our  jokes  (ballaballa,  you know?) then it is you chance to
become  an  official  HEARTBREAKER  (TM, (R), (C) 1991).  Taetae!  Is dat nix???
Contact  one  of our contact-addresses, when you would like to get the honour to
call  yourself  a Heartbreaker!!!  Einsendeschluss ist der 31.12.1992...  Oeh...
Ok,  you  think  you  got  it  to  the end of this text, but BLARP!  you didn't!
Hehe...   You  have  to  know that there are a lot of bytes present in my little
brain,  but  they  never manage to get out, so here they have the chance to flee
into  the wide, wide world.  So what to write about?  Did you know that there is
a  hidden  part  in  this  menu?  Hehe, if you got it, then let us know!  If you
failed to find it...  well, not our fault, is it?!?                             
Some  remarks  about the tunes:  some of them are quite old, but nevertheless, I
like them a bit.  There are many shit (standard)-modules on my module-disks, but
those,  which  are  presented  here  have got a different style apart from other
tunes,  if  you  know  what  I  mean?!?   Not  that quite boring always the same
bassline  and melody but a trembling variation in all of them.  Just look at THE
CHAMPS  REMIX.   It was supposed to be composed upon the melody and bass-line of
an old CHAMPS intro (cool guys, by the way!).  Anyway, it turned out to have the
melody  of  an Achim Reichel song (uncool guy, by the way).  I got more and more
patterns and more and more ideas about new melodies, so listen to  this song and
discover  all  melodies,  which  are present.  Hope you can find and recall them
This great code  was originally done by Electron, edited by Chanel,  and finally
raped  by  Fowl  (hey,  that is me!!!).  I hope most of the known bugs are fixed
now!  If not, let us know...                                                    
An  important message:  Do *NOT* contact me (Fowl) for swapping anymore!  I have
got enough (?!MAD!?) contacts, and there is no chance to get in a regularly swap
with me, so better drop this idea at once!  If you have got new **LEGAL!** tools
or  samples  or new Protrackers, then you may contact or just drop me a message.
I  will  write  back  to you.  My address is found in any module present on this
disk.  You can  also use  the address, which popped  up at the FUCK-PD-Companies
sign during loading, ... Gurk!                                                  
ARGH!   The  bytes  in  my  brain  caused an accident.  They all want to get out
parallel,  but  unfortunately,  my  output-handle  can only mess serial signals,
hehe...  I have to close this text, because I wrote in the first musicdisk soooo
awful  much,  that  it  produced an error in the text-print routine!  So, that's
all!  In the last chapter you will read the story about CAPTAIN VOGT, until then
you have to read some text of Ted Burning following NOW!!!                      
Heya Guyz and Girlz ! This is Teddy with the most uninteresting scrolltext since
1456 before Christ.                                                             
Hey, you are not allowed to read on, you are ordered to do ! Is that clear ?    
The date is the 5th of September in the year of 1992 and it is 2.30 pm..........
I think it is not such a good time for writing a scroller, but (maybe you are   
not interested in that...?).                                                    
This time my songs are real old ones : The Letter and The Answer are made about 
18 months ago and One more chance was made in a fucking hurry (Why?) 7 months   
ago. I hope you are not too disappointed caused by that...                      
For all those who wanna contact me for really everything they want to, here is  
my address:                                                                     
                 Jens Wippermann                                                
                 4019 Monheim 1                                                 
Now some greetings to all my best friends and contacts:                         
 Uli (Fowl) of The Heartbreakers (Thnx! -.Fowl)                                 
 Troglobyte and Salva of Darkness                                               
 Chanel and Electron (independent)                                              
 The Deprotector (independent)                                                  
 Senseless 61 of ??? (Ich bin Bomberschnulli, keine Rettungsnase ! Write me...) 
 Archie of LSD (I hope you like this...)                                        
 Stookie of Dual Crew                                                           
 Billy the Kid of Skandal                                                       
 Fred and Necromancer of The Bubblemen                                          
 Mr. Beat of ???                                                                
 D.M. Group                                                                     
 Survivor of Defcon One (Call me, please !)                                     
 and all those I've forgotten...                                                
I think I didn't promise too much when I said that this is the most boring      
scrolltext since Adam and Eve ! Maybe this is caused by having absolutely no    
bock writing a scrolly.                                                         
Do you know the song ONCE from JQ & THE BANDITS ? Let me tell ya the first line 
of it...                                                                        
They say, once in your life a true love comes your way...                       
BUT WHEN WILL THIS BE ?                                                         
Okay, I think it will not be nice if I tell ya something about my problems...   
But, I have written a little text for my Prisoner of love Trilogy...............
Since I ve fallen in love again                                                 
I can tell you, thats no game                                                   
I cant sleep - I cant eat                                                       
cause my thoughts are still with her                                            
You know that I love you                                                        
You know that I want you                                                        
You said that you need some time to think about it                              
You know that I need you                                                        
You know that I ll be faithful                                                  
You know that I would give everything for you                                   
When I m out for playing pool                                                   
They tell me I m a fool                                                         
cause I lose every round                                                        
pound for pound                                                                 
cause my thoughts are still not here                                            
 - They can offer me a car                                                      
 - They can offer me much money                                                 
 - But I won t take anything                                                    
 - If I could get her heart                                                     
You know that I love you                                                        
You know that I want you                                                        
You said that you need some time to think about it                              
You know that I need you                                                        
You know that I ll be faithful                                                  
You know that I would give everything for you                                   
I often tried to talk with her                                                  
but I always failed, everywhere                                                 
so I m still waiting                                                            
for her answer                                                                  
cause my thoughts are going crazy                                               
You know that I love you                                                        
You know that I want you                                                        
You said that you need some time to think about it                              
You know that I need you                                                        
You know that I ll be faithful                                                  
You know that I am waiting for your answer                                      
Fucking bad english ! Wow ! I think this would be a real cool songtext for a    
real worse SCHNULZE !                                                           
I think the only way to increase the lenght of this boring scrolly is to put a  
list of all my MEGADEMOS and TRACKMOS in it...but that s no good idea, or ?     
Some call themselves DEPROTECTOR or TERMINATOR or PREDATOR, maybe I should call 
myself THE COLLECTOR (of Megademos,etc. -CONTACT ME THEREFOR !-)                
Okay, before you all get sleepy (schnarch!) I will cut now ! This scrolly was   
all other than interesting, I think.                                            
Ted Burning of THE HEARTBREAKERS in the year of friendship 1992 !               
I  recommend  to  close  your eyes, if you don't want to get crazy, because FOWL
presents:  ....                                                                 
                           !!!!! CAPTAIN VOGT !!!!!!                            
Say  what?   You  don't  know CAPTAIN VOGT???  Warf!  That's veeeeery uncoooool,
y'know?   Let me explain.  Captain Vogt is a figure from the outer space.  Well,
in fact he visited the school together with me in the last 13 years, so I really
know, what I am speaking from.  He is what you call in Germany a little 'SPASTI'
(Nix  Stasi!   S-P-A-S-T-I!!).   That means he is veeeeery uncoooool but I think
you  know...   Well,  during  the time of thirteen years there were many stories
told  about  CAPTAIN  VOGT  and  so a friend of me (SENSELESS `61!!!) and myself
took an editor and typed one of them into memory:                               
                    Captain Vogt, 4042-HAL, The Introduction                    
Der  erste Satz ist immer der schwierigste.  Lassen Sie uns also mit dem zweiten
beginnen:   Es regnete.  Die Ozonwerte waren recht hoch und Steffi Graf hatte an
diesem  Morgen einen  Grafficker geheiratet, und gerade diese Tatsache liess das
Gesicht   des   jungen  Captains,  der  gerade  am  planetarischen  Weltenmuseum
vorbeischlenderte, recht finster aussehen. Er hasste hohe Ozonwerte.  Angesichts
dieser Tatsache (und der Tatsache, dass er von Stefi die Nase voll hatte (und da
es regnete)) fasste er den Entschluss, seinem Freund Tim, der Drehtuersteher des
Museums war, einen Besuch abzustatten.  Er lenkte seine Schritte in Richtung des
Museums...   15  Minuten  spaeter konnte er die Drehtuer wieder verlassen.  Nach
weiteren  15  Minuten  auf der richtigen Seite. (Hier musste der Leser das erste
mal mitdenken.) Leicht irritiert stolperte Captain Vogt in die Eingangshalle des
Museums,  stuerzte  und  erwartete  nun eigentlich die vertrauten Schuhe Tims zu
sehen.  Sie standen auch heute an ihrem gewohnten Platz.  Erfreut begann Captain
Vogt  eine  tiefenphilosophische  Diskussion,  bei der er Tim in Grund und Boden
argumentierte.   Als  Captain  Vogts Nase anfing zu schmerzen (Er lag immer noch
baeuchlings),  drehte  er  sich schwungvoll auf den Ruecken, rollte 20 Meter weg
und robbte zu seinem alten Platz zurueck (was ziemlich schwer war, da das Robben
auf  dem  Ruecken  eine  gewisse  Übung  erfordert).   Als  er  wieder an seinem
Ausgangspunkt  angekommen  war,  fiel  ihm  auf, dass  kein Tim im rechten Schuh
steckte.   Erschrocken  schaute  er  im linken nach!  Aber, `oh schreck, Tim ist
weg.` rapte  Captain  Vogt.  Entschlossen handelte Captain Vogt:  sich der Lage 
bewusst, dass Tim ohne seine besonnene Hilfe aus dem Gang-Labyrinth des  Museums
(4  Haupt-  und  zwei  Nebengaenge)  herausfinden wuerde, machte er sich auf die
Suche.   Er  schaute auf seine Digital Brotomat 21.  Verdammt!  Es war schon das
Jahr  2001!  Er  musste sich beeilen, wollte er nicht den Weltuntergang im Jahre
2006  versaeumen.   `Schoisse, Video ist noch an!` schlug er sich vor die Stirn,
haute  daneben,  und  war  schon  auf dem Weg nach Hause.  Kurz vor der Drehtuer
erkannte  er  deren Gefahr, stoppte Apprupt, obwohl Apprupt etwas dagegen hatte,
weil  er  auch  nach  Hause  wollte,  und beide schlitterten in Drehtuer hinein,
worauf  Drehtuer  ziemlich  erbost  reagierte,  da sie dies fast so wenig leiden
konnte  wie  Witze ueber ausgefallene Namen. Aber wer heisst schon `ausgefallene
Namen`  ?   Der  Knaeuel  von  Menschen  (respektive:  Captain Vogt, Apprupt und
Drehtuer)  rollte  Laut fluchend in die Drehtuer.  Laut straeubte sich zwar, war
aber  der  Kraft  der  Drei  nicht  gewachsen.   Frau Drei war naemlich ziemlich
kraeftig.    Sie   half  Captain  Vogt  und  den  anderen  diesen  Witz  voellig
auszuschlachten.  Was Herrn Witz wiederum wehtat.  Aber lassen wir das.  Tim war
inzwischen wieder  mal gekommen (hier musste man das  zweite mal denken),  hatte
seine Schuhe angezogen und sass nun mit Laut ueber Drei und Captain Vogt lachend
auf  seinem  Pfoertnerstuehlchen...  Das erboste das interstellare Weltengericht
dermassen,  dass  es  einstimmig  Captain Vogt von der Erde verbannte. Und damit
faengt eine fast unglaubliche Story an......                                    
                         (Ausblenden, Ende erster Akt)                          
                        Captain Vogt, '4240-HAL', TEIL I                        
Nachdem  Captain  Vogt  von der Erde verbannt wurde, sucht er nun sein Glueck in
den  Sternen:   Die  lautlose  Stille  des  Weltalls,  fuer  Jahrmillionen Jahre
unberuehrt  (wenn  man ueber eine nicht-existente Materie ueberhaupt so sprechen
kann),  jungfraeulich  daliegend  und  ebenso unschuldig wie fast alle restliche
Materie  und  Antimaterie,  die  in  ihr enthalten ist.  Nichts, rein gar nichts
koennte  in dieser unendlichen Wueste aus Vakuum und ein wenig zusammengeballter
Masse  auffallen.   Naja...   fast  nichts...  WROOOSCH!!!!  rast ein, im ersten
Moment undefinierbares Objekt an uns vorbei und hinterlaesst eine Elektronenspur
aus   Milliarden   leuchtender  Protonen  (Dem  scharfsinnigen  Beobachter  wird
auffallen, dass  diese Protonenspur die  Form einer Zeichenfeder  hat (Was diese
Zeichenfeder  allerdings  mit  dieser  Geschichte zu tun hat, werden Sie spaeter
erfahren)).   Begeben  wir  uns nun in das Innere dieses, sich im zweiten Moment
als  Raumkapsel  entpuppendes,  Objekt:   So  ziemlich  in  der Mitte der Kapsel
befindet  sich  ein  grosser  Sessel,  auf  dem  sich  Captain  Vogt  gerade mit
Lichtgeschwindigkeit  um  die  eigene Achse dreht.  Haben Sie schon einmal einen
Vogt  auf  dem  Kommandosessel  einer  Raumkapsel  sich mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit
drehend  gesehen?  Ein ziemlich komischer Anblick, der selbst Einstein zu wahren
Lachkrampforgien  getrieben  haette.   Die  ALDI-Tuete,  die Captain Vogt's Kopf
schmueckt,  verzieht  sich  unter dem Einfluss der Lichtgeschwindigkeit zu einer
blaeulich-gelben,  farbverschobenen  Masse,  die staendig der Materie des Kopfes
hinterherfliegt.   Captain  Vogt  dagegen scheint es Spass zu machen, sofern man
seine  leicht verzogene Miene richtig deutet.  Aber irgend- wann wird's auch dem
Vogt  zu  meta-physisch  und  deswegen setzt er den Anti-Lichtprotonen-Generator
mittels  Gedankenkraft  in Gang, das heisst er versucht's zumindest, aber da der
Captain  mehr  oder  weniger Lichtgeschwindigkeits-verschobene Gedanken besitzt,
kehren  sich  seine  Gedanken  ins Gegenteil.  Was dann passierte, kann man sich
leicht ausdenken:  Captain Vogt fliegt mitsamt ALDI-Tuete und Kommandosessel aus
dem  Raumschiff heraus (er hatte wegen seiner Lichtgeschwindigkeits-verschobenen
Gedanken   aus   Versehen   an  den  Schleudersitzknopf  gedacht!   (IDIOT!!!)).
WROOOM!!!   Tja,  und  da  haengt  CAPTAIN VOGT heute noch mit seinem Fallschirm
(Fallschirm!?   IM WELTRAUM?????!!!!) und der ALDI-Tuete auf dem Kopf und wartet
darauf, da endlich mal das Klingonen-Gemueseschiff vorbeikommt und ihn mitnimmt.
Aber da der Weltraumgemuesemarkt der Klingonen nur alle 27583 Jahre stattfindet,
hat  unser  Captain sicher noch viel zu ueberlegen, und weil wir ihn dabei nicht
stoeren wollen, blenden wir nun sanft aus.                                      
           (Ausblenden, Ende zweiter Akt. Ende des gesamten Stuecks)            
This is a list of the persons we want to dedicate this musicdisk.               
(Those in UPPERCASED letters we LOVE!!!) :                                      
Edwin  A.   Abbot,  Thomas von Aquin, Archimedes, ISAAC ASIMOV, Charles Babbage,
Johann S.  Bach, Francis Bacon, Charles Berlitz, Jean Bernoulli, Niels Bohr, Max
Born,  Tycho  Brahe,  Johannes  Brahms,  Berthold  Brecht,  DIK  & CHRIS BROWNE,
GIORDANO  BRUNO,  Wilhelm  Busch,  Johannes  von  Buttlar,  Georg  Cantor, Lewis
Carroll,  Marie  Curie,  Charles  Darwin,  Daniel Defoe, Rene Descartes, Charles
Dickens,  HOIMAR VON DITFURTH, Don Quijote, Fletcher Durrell, Thomas A.  Edison,
ALBERT  EINSTEIN,  Erastosthenes, MAURITS C.  ESCHER, Gustav T.  Fechner, Edward
Feigenbaum,  Roetger  Feldmann,  Enrico  Fermi, Galileo Galilei, Martin Gardner,
Kurt  Goedel, Vincent van Gogh, El Greco, Lars Gustafsson, Edmund Halley, Robert
A.   Heinlein, Werner Heisenberg, Ernest Hemmingway, Charles H.  Hinton, Douglas
R.   Hofstadter,  Harry  Houdini,  Aldous  Huxley,  F.   IBANEZ, Jean M.  Jarre,
Immanuel  Kant, Lord Kelvin, Johannes Kepler, Stephen King, Nikolaus Kopernikus,
Kraftwerk,  Pierre-Simon  de  Laplace, Orlando Lasso, John Locke, Martin Luther,
Ernst  Mach,  James  C.  Maxwell, Meister Eckehart, Benoit Mandelbrot, Johan van
Manen,  Don  Martin, Gregor Mendel, Hermann Minkowski, Marvin L.  Minsky, Claude
Monet,  Jaques  Monod,  Monteverdi,  Wolfgang  A.  Mozart, EDSELL MURPHY, Ernest
Nagel,  Ruediger  Nehberg,  Isaac  Newton, Friedrich Nietzsche, P.D.  Ouspensky,
Blaise Pascal, Wolfgang Pauli, Pablo Picasso, Werner Pieper, Max Planck, Platon,
Sergej Prokofieff, Hans Reichenbach, REMBRANDT, Bernhard Riemann, Rubens, RUDOLF
VON  BITTER  aka  RUDI  RUCKER,  Ernest Rutherford, Carl Sagan, Jean Paul Satre,
Erwin  Schroedinger,  WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, Stetsasonic, Peter Tschaikowski, Alan
M.   Turing, Mark Twain, Richard Wagner, Joseph Weizenbaum, H.G.  Wells, John A.
Wheeler, Fred A.  Wolf, Tom Wolfe, Zeno.                                        
Well,  that  was  it  for the moment from the HEARTBREAKERS.  IF you want to see
further  musicdisks  from us then support our mailboxes with your letters.  Even
if you send candies you will get a long answer.  PROMISED!!!                    
                                             TED B.  & FOWL of THE HEARTBREAKERS
                                                             September anno 1992