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    another cool genius from the hacking relation ! this intro was coded by legend in an afternoon , using ideas and the original graphics drawn by ash of thr just five days before the share and enjoy copyparty in the south of the u.k.... we are all pretty pleased here because we have finally put music in our intros without help from anyone else !!!    wow !!!      just a quick word from the cloaker.....  hi to all my contacts - thanks for all those cool sendings,keep it up guys !             anyway, ash is writing the scrolltext, and i send absolute ultimate regards to all these cool people, starting with our members !      ... studiomaster ... dragon-flight ... legend ... ash ... m.c. ... magic-inc. ... the cloaker ... the fuse ... mr.bigtime ...    and all those members i have never met !!!!    and also these smart guys ....   del-sae-scx  ... chaos ... intuition ... phenomena ... and again, all those i dunno !!!  we also wannna greeeeeet all these guys, cos we reckon you are also so brilliant - but we have never met you....... quartex - red sector - mahoney and kaktus - northstar -  d.o.c. - accumilators - black monks - spreadpoint -  trilogy - titanics - defjam - inertia - sceptor u.k.  tjc-joy-mgf - a.c.u. - beasty boys    and everyone who we get stuff from, who writes games,music and demos, and  anyone who we have missed out.........sorry..... phone me and tell me what you think about this little intro - we are a reasonably new group, and any helpful ideas etc. would be taken thankfully -  so long as you do not take to slagging us off...   by the way, the short, -ish , tune is actually from  black magic the platform game - but when i ripped it cos i thought it was so good, some instuments screwed up and so i fiddled around and put new ones in and thats why it sounds a bit wierd... the reason why our music is not here is because i was in a rush to finish this buggy sod and i could not get any music off studiomaster in time for this release !! i hope this scrolly is not boring you seasoned programmers out there... this is now our fourthintro-demo.... the first was silent, with a firey-trail thr logo bouncing up and down, the second wasthe famed ash and m.c. ed-209 intro,the third is the thr international dukebox, this is the fourth !!   i guess i will see you all at the sae-party, prepare to wrap this scrolly now...   thanks for being patient ! .  ..  . . .  .  .   .    .     .       .        .       .